• Justin Bieber Hamster PAC

    Did Justin Bieber Set a Bad Example for Small Pet Owners?

    Sunday, December 16, 2012

    “Belieb” it or not, Justin Bieber left his hamster behind in Atlanta, Georgia, in a move that has shocked fans who are also small pet owners. Justin handed PAC, his pet dwarf hamster, to a screaming fan last Wednesday night after Power 96.1′s Jingle Ball at Philips Arena. TMZ posted a poor quality video where […]

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  • Do Guinea Pigs Appear in Ice Age: Continental Drift?

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    If you’ve been to the movies this summer, you’ve probably seen the trailer for the next film in the series of Ice Age movies titled Ice Age: Continental Drift. What surprised me were a bunch of rodent-like critters that appear briefly in the trailer. Are these guinea pigs!? I was dying to know. Like so […]

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  • Davina McCall guinea pig decision

    The Biggest Loser’s Davina McCall Makes Decision Over Second Guinea Pig

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    Davina McCall, host of The Biggest Loser in the UK, has come under fire for announcing the purchase of a pet guinea pig to her Twitter followers. Some cavy enthusiasts claimed she was being “cruel” for making her new pet live a solitary life. The guinea pig, now named Harley, was for Davina’s youngest daughter, […]

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  • Corinne and her guinea pigs

    Guinea Pigs Steal the Show on “A Little Bit Country”

    Monday, June 4, 2012

    If you haven’t caught the new Jenny Garth show, “A Little Bit Country,” you might want to check it out. The premise of the show, which airs on CMT Fridays at 9:00pm (PST), has the recently separated Garth leaving Hollywood to raise her children on a ranch in rural California. So why am I recommending […]

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  • Kids TV Creators Feature Guinea Pigs in “The Burrow Bunch”

    Saturday, March 31, 2012

    As any parent with young kids will know the one conversation that constantly comes up morning, noon and night is ‘when can we get a pet?’ I have twin eight year old girls and after months of discussion, my friend Andrea showed me the most adorable two guinea pigs who were looking for a new […]

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  • Guinea pig smuggler

    Guinea Pig Smuggler on Letterman’s “Top Ten”

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    For those of you who watched the Late Show with David Letterman last night, he did his usual “Top Ten” list at the start of the show. This time the list was called “Top Ten Things The Secret Service Learned About Tonight’s Audience.” Featured as number four on the list was “Known Guinea Pig Smuggler” […]

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  • guinea pig farming

    Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Behavior

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    Bizarre Foods, A popular series on the Travel Channel focuses on unusual regional cuisine from around the world which is usually shocking to viewers. One episode in particular has drawn the attention of animal lovers in the guinea pig community. Host Andrew Zimmern visited Ecuador where he sampled cuy, a meal prepared using a guinea […]

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  • ghost rider

    Ghost Rider’s Guinea Pig Pyjamas

    Friday, February 24, 2012

    From time to time we love to dress up our pets and take photos. Some more than others. Ancient artifacts show this has been going on as long as civilization. While some will argue costumes on guinea pigs are unnecessary, most will react with happiness at a cute photo of a guinea pig in an […]

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Couple Fighting

Couple Argue Over Feeding of Pet Guinea Pig

Is the proper care and feeding of your pets a debated topic in your household? For one couple in Clarksville, Tennessee, a discussion over the feeding of their guinea pig got one man charged with domestic violence. Emmanuel Igbokwe, 31, was released on $250 bond after allegedly pushing his girlfriend and causing her to almost […]

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Mr Nibbles

You Can’t Leave Anything in Your Will to Your Guinea Pig

Animals give unconditional love and for some people, this is stronger than any bond they share with human companions in their lives. That’s why it’s becoming more popular to leave all worldly possessions to family pets. What happens in cases where a will clearly states that Mr. Flufferkins inherits all the wealth? The answer may […]

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guinea pig enclosure and castle

Senseless Act of Cruelty Towards Guinea Pigs at Australian Zoo

A community in New South Wales, Australia is shocked and disgusted by a senseless act of cruelty towards guinea pigs stolen from the local zoo by a group of reckless youths. Nine of the ten cavies remain missing and one is recovering from injuries after being kicked from a moving vehicle. Local police say four […]

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guinea pig and rabbit hutch

Pet Store Banned from Sale of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

A pet store in east Hull, UK, has been banned from the sales of rabbits and guinea pigs after RSPCA investigators found the shop was not providing basic care for their animals. Investigators were following a tip from a concerned shopper in R and A Pets and Garden Centre on Holderness Road during April of […]

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Kendra Velzen's Blanca

Student Sues University to Keep Guinea Pig for Emotional Support

A Grand Valley State University student is filing a lawsuit against her school claiming they violated federal housing policy by not letting her keep guinea pig, Blanca, in campus housing. 28 year old Kendra Velzen, suffers from bouts of severe depression and a heart condition but found “emotional support” in her pet guinea pig. The […]

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Critter Cafe

Michigan Rescue in Trouble as Accusations Fly and Controversy Stirs

In Fruitport Township, Michigan, there’s a rescue responsible for saving over a thousand lives called the Critter Café. Christine Bishop is the founder and has rescued guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, cats, birds and other animals during the five years her 501(c)(3) organization has been in existence. Recently, she has come under fire from the very […]

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NEW 2012 Guinea Pig Olympics Games, London, Calendar

Many of you have probably seen images relating to The Guinea Pig Olympics floating around the internet and social media. They’ve gone so far in cyberspace, it’s difficult to know exactly where they came from. Guinea Pig Today was inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games to tell their story and give proper credit to the […]

flying carpet guinea pig peruvian

Guinea Pig Illustrator, Caroline Whittle, is ‘Out of the Hutch’

Professional Illustrator Caroline Whittle, is well known for her colourful, soft and vibrant work, reproduced as greeting cards, wallpaper, fabrics and much more, but her abiding passion has always been for guinea pigs. After graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design with an HND in graphic design, Caroline realised she preferred illustration to […]

guinea pigs named The Nelson Twins with their Flat Cavies

Flat Bonnie Makes Flat Cavies for A Cause

Not only are Flat Bonnie and her plushy cohorts adorable, but they are showing up everywhere to spread the word about adoption. Recently, they were spotted at the Exotic Pet Fair in Pasadena, California as well as the Bunny Luv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, California and the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. This […]

Melissa J. Taylor, guinea pig book author

Melissa J. Taylor Publishes Guinea Pigs’ Storybook Series

With social media being such a prevalent source of information, it’s easy to miss something newsworthy or, in this case, a newsworthy person, if they don’t have a social media presence. So I decided to introduce Melissa J. Taylor to Guinea Pig Today readers. Admittedly “old-fashioned” and preferring to use websites, Melissa doesn’t have a […]

The Magic Zoo guinea pig jewelry

Orange County Cavy Haven Benefits from “The Magic Zoo” Jewelry Sales

An animal fanatic with a love of jewelry is doing great things for the guinea pig community. Merry Rosenfield of Clearwater, Florida has been creating animal inspired jewelry for her company, The Magic Zoo, since 1989. Her designs in sterling silver, 14k gold, pewter and enamel are inspired by both wild and domestic animals. She […]

Rescuing Rocks

Clothing Line for Guinea Pig Lovers Supports Rescues

A new online shop has recently opened offering guinea pig lovers everywhere cute and fun piggy-inspired t-shirts and clothing. Choose from a huge selection of t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, shopping bags and much, much more. Many of the items also promote the ‘rescue’ message with £2.50 from every item in this range being donated to the […]


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