Pignics on the Park Socialize Guinea Pigs and Owners


On the Wellesley Town Hall lawn in Wellesley, Massachusetts, guinea pigs are gathering in the spring and fall. Tammy Rao calls these Pignics and they’re aimed at guinea pig owners who want to socialize. The original New England Pignic ran from 1996 to 2003 in Westfield, Massachusetts to accommodate those coming from as far away […]

Do You Believe in Rainbow Bridge?


What started as a poem written by an unknown author has reached across the world as pet owners seek to make sense of a beloved pet’s passing. These words bring together people across the entire pet community in the common belief that their pet will be waiting for them in the hereafter. When grieving the […]

Pigjes Rock This House

Many cavy owners believe a home just isn’t a home without a guinea pig. That certainly is the case for Karine Jans and her cozy herd. In her abode, the guinea pigs are the main feature. Karine combines fleece, toys, and houses together in innovative ways to create stylishly themed cages that are the centerpiece […]

Guinea Pig Fans on Facebook Face a Challenge

papua piig's profile picture

Pets are popping up all over the internet on social media websites. There’s a large guinea pig community on Facebook where WOL or “Wheek Out Loud” is commonly heard. Some choose to speak about their guinea pigs while others choose to speak as their guinea pigs. What they have in common is a love for […]

Guinea Pigs Rescued Despite Earthquake, Hurricane

earthquake and hurricane pigs

It wasn’t your average day for volunteers of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. MGPR’s shared message board lit up with “Who Felt That?” when a rare 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Virginia. The network of volunteers are spread across Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Pennsylvania housing fostered guinea pigs and sanctuary pigs with rare health issues. Everyone […]

Three Rescues Aid California’s 150+ Abandoned Guinea Pigs

A heartbreaking story out of California leaves three shelters in urgent need of supplies, foster homes, and adoptive families. The Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in California found themselves with more than 150 guinea pigs earlier this week when a woman from El Monte dropped them off without reason. The shelter believes more cavies may be […]


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