“Weighing” the Chances for a Healthy Life

Evolution has taught guinea pigs (and many other animals) that hiding illness and injury is an important part of their survival.  As a cavy owner this puts you at a serious disadvantage when it comes to evaluating the health of your small friend.  No matter how observant you are when it comes to the living and eating habits […]

The Road to Guinea Pig Safety


Recent surveys show that most pet owners consider their pet as part of the family. Along with this trend, cavies are traveling more with their owners than ever before. Before your vehicle leaves the driveway, here are a few tips that will make the trip safe for both you and your guinea pigs. Whether you […]

Love Needed, Lumps Happen

Jelly Belly, Peep

It was a sunny day in April and Becky Wilson of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue was spending the afternoon working in her garden. The phone rang but she decided to finish what she was doing before returning the call. When her cell phone rang immediately after, she was concerned and went for the phone. On […]

A Parent’s Guide to Guinea Pigs

Boston Pignic

It usually comes out of nowhere and doesn’t go away. You can avoid it or hide from it but eventually you need to face it. Your kids want a pet guinea pig. If you’ve had a cavy (the other name for a guinea pig) or two of your own recently, you might be well versed […]

GEICO Guinea Pigs Row, Row, Row A Boat


Commercials from GEICO, a US insurance company, are always good for a laugh. In their latest ad campaign, guinea pigs row a tiny boat in order to supply power for a household. The ad is punctuated with, “Such a simple word. Row. Simple, but with quite a bit of power — no pun intended.” If […]

US Military Finds Guinea Pigs OK

Air Force Guinea Pig

The US Air Force has a growing list of pets not allowed in base housing under a new pet policy. Luckily for guinea pig lovers, the companions are still allowed. Other pets listed in Air Force Instruction 32-6001 that didn’t make the cut include: spiders, reptiles, ferrets, hedgehogs, pot-bellied pigs, monkeys, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, farm […]

Rent-A-Cavy Wins in Switzerland


As we get older, it’s more and more difficult to find friends. Apparently guinea pigs have the same problem. In Hadlikon, Switzerland, 30 kilometers from Zürich, Priska Küng operates a matchmaking service for the lonely pets. Guinea pigs are social animals that live in groups and Swiss law prohibits owners from keeping only one. So […]

Rescue benefits from PetSmart contest

count papua

Papua Piig was new to Facebook in September 2010 when PetSmart launched their sixth-annual “Scare Your Way into a PetSmart Commercial” Halloween contest. Being less than a year old, Papua hadn’t yet lived through a Halloween holiday, but since the contest began in September, we went through albums looking for something passable as a costume. […]

Rescue Roundup: The Critter Connection

The Critter Connection

Abandoned and neglected guinea pigs in Connecticut have a safe home thanks to the volunteers and foster families willing to give these cavies the care they wouldn’t find in larger, ill equipped shelters. The Critter Connection located in Durham, CT has been rescuing and rehoming guinea pigs since early 2004. The founder of The Critter […]

Toys, Treats and Other Fun Things

Since so many commercially available toys and treats aren’t appropriate for guinea pigs, what are good options to enrich their lives?  Fortunately there are many things you can give your pigs that are (relatively) safe – and many are items you probably already have around the house.  Your pigs will love their new things and […]


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