An Open Letter to Pet Store Owners…

Sadly, the pet store view of life with guinea pigs is about 30 years out of date. Guinea Pig Today is out to change the perception of what life is like for the contemporary cavy owner. Articles will feature ways to incorporate the needs of your pet into all aspects of your modern lifestyle.

I am the owner of two adorable guinea pigs and I am very frustrated. Today I entered your store with money in my pocket hoping to find a great gift to take home to surprise my two wonderful guinea pigs. Instead, I left empty handed. I wanted to share my experience with you in this […]

CareFresh Bedding Makes a Fashion Statement

Bryce Black (left), Cecilia Motwani (right), and Olivier Green's winning design using CareFresh bedding.

The Lifetime reality show, Project Runway, has always turned heads for it’s outrageous designs. Now in it’s ninth season, you might think you’ve seen everything from the twenty contestants who give it their all in the hopes of surviving one more week on the show. In each episode, new challenges are presented to the fashion […]

What to Avoid Buying for your Cavy

Happy Nathan

As a guinea pig novice I spent money on treats and toys and things for my pigs I now know are either harmful, or not beneficial.  A lot of the information available is contradictory and is outdated or based on misconceptions about how to maintain good cavy health.  Fortunately none of my pigs were harmed […]


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