Rescue Pageant Features Costumes and Adoption

Trick or Wheek! Halloween is the perfect time for the Arizona’s Piggie Poo Rescue world famous Fall Piggie Pageant. On Saturday over 50 guinea pigs participated in events at the Rockin’ R Ranch in Mesa, Arizona. This is not a guinea pig show that values breed standards. This contest was all about family fun and […]

Guinea Pigs Join Ocean City’s Quiet Festival

wind chimes band

This year Ocean City, New Jersey celebrates the tenth annual Quiet Festival, which shows appreciation for the softer side of life with community events, crafts, and hobbies. The city-wide event is held in various locations from November 8th to 15th and features paper airplane making, cloud inspection, bubble appreciation, pin-dropping, pet-petting, silent movies, mimes, a […]

Concern for Street Pets in New York

Street Pigs 2

Locals are concerned for a group of pets owned by a man who spends his days looking for handouts from those passing by on the streets. Joseph Noal, 63, owns three cats, three dogs and two guinea pigs and has been a regular on the streets of New York since 2009. The transient moves through […]

Our C&C fleece cage home upgrades


Whee guinea pigs got upgraded from our previous cage setup this week, and have been enjoying exploring our new home. It’s true what they say, the bigger your piggy’s cage, the healthier and happier he/she will be! We agree that it is now mansion sized,…

Guinea Pig DIY Hideaway Tent

Have extra grids and fleece lying around from building your guinea pigs a C&C cage? Don’t let those spare parts go to waste, try building a fun cage accessory for your cavies to play and hide in! Today we wanted to share our easy DIY hideaway …

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Guinea Pig

I’ve owned guinea pigs for over 20 years. I am knowledgeable in some areas (what to feed, diagnose a possible URI or UTI) but completely void in other issues (anything specific to boars, bloat, elongated roots). It seems that each of my pigs try to teach me about some new illness I haven’t seen before (I […]

MTV Casting Call For Crazy Pets


We often joke about being slaves to our guinea pigs but is your herd spoiled rotten and out of control? Maybe it’s just one pig that is running the show and the rest of them follow along. Have your family and friends express concern? If so, we have an opportunity for you. MTV has a […]

Back for More: Adopting Willow and Pippin

Willow Pippin PignicGrass

I have yet to have a pair of guinea pigs with such a strong bond as Vicky and Athena. They would bicker and hassle each other like a pair of siblings and yet would cram themselves in their hidey house to sleep together every day. When we lost Athena, Vicky quickly became lonely and depressed without her […]

Finding Qualified Guinea Pig Sitters


How do you find care for the guinea pigs when it’s time to travel? Finding pet care for your dog or cat is as easy as turning on a light. However, for guinea pig owners (or exotic pets in general) unless it’s family or close friends, a week-long [cruise] vacation can seem impossible. This was […]

Fairy Magic: Fairy Asks The Big Questions


Guest blogger, Mildred, tells us about Fairy, star of Fairy Magic, and shares her experiences on life with a ‘Lethal White’ guinea pig. Fairy: Welcome to ‘Fairy Asks The Big Questions’ and an extra big, piggy-type welcome to my Mummy who has kindly agreed to be interviewed today. Mummy, your life changed on June 11th […]


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