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Rolling coroplastImage courtesy of Guinea Pig Cages

Learning to roll a large sheet of coroplast has many benefits

For anyone who has built a C&C grid cage, the hardest part can be finding coroplast (corrugated plastic, also called corex) and transporting it home.  Many sign and graphic shops are unwilling to sell a partial sheet because it is inconvenient for them.  A full sheet of coroplast is 4 feet by 8 feet.  How inconvenient is it to get that home?!

Luckily, there is an easy answer.  Did you know that you can roll coroplast?  It is possible to roll a full sheet without crimping or cracking it.  It ends up as a four foot long cylinder about 20 inches in diameter.  Guinea Pig Cages has a set of step-by-step photos called Rolling Coroplast that demonstrate how it’s done.  Last week I had the opportunity to try these instructions and it really is as easy as the photos appear.  Added bonus? It can be accomplished by a single person.

I was fortunate enough to roll my coroplast indoors on a carpeted area.  I could step on the coroplast in stocking feet and not worry scuffing it with my shoes.  I secured the roll with way more tape than was necessary; I feared the thing would spring open before I left the building.  It turns out that once it was rolled up there was not that much tension on the tape bands.  It was a cinch to transport – just slid it into the back of my car.

The sheet may retain some curve when you first unbind it, straightens out nearly flat in a day or so. It won’t affect the workability of the coroplast.

Just think of what you could built with a single sheet of coroplast!  One huge cage, or a couple of normal sized ones, or add an extra level. Stop by the Guinea Pig Cages photo forums for some inspiration.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I have been looking into getting a guinea pig & had been having troble with how small the pet shop cages are, so I found the C & C cages which if I order on-line can be expensive. I have cubes that my husband saved from a neighbors house that was moving so I have those. The corrugated plastic is all I needed, they where $30 dollars a sheet & still a bit expensive but it would work. Well I decided to visit out local home depot, & right by the plexiglas is corrugated plastic in 3 sizes the largest looked to be about 4×7 or 3×6 sheet & it is $10.50 a really good deal.

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