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I was recently asked “Which one of your pets is your favorite?” I found myself pausing for a moment as I have eight, yes 8 pets. I’ve owned Sarah 13, and Seth 12, the longest, but they’re dogs so while they are still pets and I love them very much, they are not Guinea Pigs. This is how I started with none and ended up with six.

This all started in December 2007 when my boss asked me to pet-sit for her children’s pig, Maxi while they traveled over the holiday. Maxi didn’t go back home and I got her a cage mate, Milo the following month. In October 2008, Snowball came to make a trio which didn’t go over so well a month later, so Maxi and Milo became a pair again, Snowball got her own cage and a friend named Charlie. Things were just peachy in my home and there was plenty of wheeking and woofing.

PiggypaloozaImage courtesy of Ginger

My living room, site of PIGGYPALOOZA 2011! One night only. Bands present are Wheeeeeker, deep Puuuuurrrrple, and the Ruuummmmmble Strips.

This would be a time to tell you that all of my pigs are rescues so they are ‘fixed’ (no babies). Yes, even Maxi was a rescue. My boss got her from a family who didn’t want her anymore about three years before she came to my home. When it became clear that Maxi was staying I found Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and submitted an application to adopt.

In November 2009, Maxi crossed the Rainbow Bridge and while it was very sad, I knew that she had lived a wonderful life in the few years she had lived with me. Milo was very depressed and I had to find him a new friend right away. Ms. LuLu arrived a few weeks later and everyone was happy.

Milo and Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge later in 2010 and while Ms. LuLu seemed to be ok initially, Snowball was extremely depressed and was delighted to meet Killian. However, once Ms. LuLu saw that Snowball got a friend, she was extremely upset that SHE didn’t have one. If you’re a pig owner you know what I mean. Ms. LuLu met Oliver and happiness reigned once again.

In November 2010, two lovely girls came to my home. They’ve been renamed “The Princesses” because before they arrived, my living room was turned into what is now referred to as “The Piggy Palace”. These girls had been available to adopt for nearly 2 years. One of them had been born with a visible defect in her front paw and while the only issue was that special care was needed when cutting her nails, no-one submitted an application for them. Princess Starshine is the most outgoing pig I have ever met. She comes to greet you at the corner of her cage. Princess Buttercup is shy but oh so adorable. She will wiggle her whiskers when you’re talking to her just before she darts away to her tunnel or pigloo.

So while each of my pets is special in their own individual way – Sarah is my shadow, Seth is my chatty boy, Ms. LuLu is my loudest wheeker at mealtime, Oliver is the most mischievous pig I have ever seen tunneling under everything in the cage, Snowball is forever attitudy-judy, Killian is always poofy because he is such a love-bug, Princess Buttercup is a snuggle pig and Princess Starshine is a social committee all by herself – I find it hard to bring myself to say that I have a favorite.

I love them all; even the ones who are no longer here, as each is special in their own unique way and will always have a place in my heart.

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Ginger S., Writer, GPT

Ginger has been a pet owner for over 30 years and guest writes for Guinea Pig Today. She volunteers with Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and supports several bunny rescues in her area.

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