Jens Custom Crafts Prepares For the Holidays

free standing cubeImage courtesy of Jens Custom Crafts

Holiday themed items such as this pre-made "Santa" free-standing cube and pad are available on Jens Custom Crafts website.

Jen Sawyer and her husband have been busy as elves during the pre-holiday season making homemade items for guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and other small animals. Now in their fifth year of production, the pair continues to keep on top of orders while raising their four year old in Macomb County, Michigan. “I started sewing the animal bedding in 2007 and I can’t imagine where my life would be if I hadn’t,” Jen says.

Her inspiration to create Jens Custom Crafts began with a rat she adopted from CraigsList. She wanted to find special ways to spoil her new furry friend and after being inspired by what she saw online, decided make some homemade items herself. Her grandfather helped her conceive the first free-standing and study hut design which became her signature item. “I had a prototype after a few tries, and the guinea pigs loved it!” Success lead to items being posted for sale on CraigsList and this is where fans began to ask about crafts for guinea pigs. After doing research into guinea pigs, she tells us, “I fell in love, and adopted my first piggy shortly thereafter, and built him a huge 2 story C&C cage, and adopted more piggies so he would have friends.”

Jens Custom Crafts is a big supporter of small animal rescue and adoption. “Researching/adopting the rats & guinea pigs, led me into animal rescue and made me aware of the atrocities that occur with breeding mills, the number of small animals in shelters, and the wonderful small animal rescues that work selflessly to care for so many precious little critters.” Through their Rescue Donation Program small animal welfare organizations all over the world benefit from the company’s sales. 10% of all sales are donated directly to the featured rescue that month. In addition, Jen gives 25% off products ordered for any rescue to encourage customers and fans to lend comfort to pets in need. “We support rescues to our best ability, and always promote adoption. We currently do not have any rats, but we have two rescue rabbits from a local rescue in Michigan, two rescue ferrets that are living it up in their gigantic custom made cage, and 10 very happy guinea pigs that live in very large decked out cages.” Visit her website for details on what donations have been made in the past and learn how you can contribute in the future.

Saucer bedImage courtesy of Jens Custom Crafts

The "Saucer" bed is a round bed made with fleece on either side and stuffed with poly-fil for ultimate plushness. Plush guinea pig not included.

Despite a surgery earlier this year, Jen caught up with nearly 220 orders placed during November through January of last year. She tells us, “We now make around 20-30 huts per week that head off to guinea pigs all over the world!” This year, another surgery will leave her unable to fill custom orders. “I am having surgery on the 10th of November which will put me out of commission for a little while,” she explained. We wish Jen a speedy recovery.

Business is booming and Jens Custom Crafts celebrated their success with the 2000 Fan Giveaway on Facebook. Jen gathered artists and craftsmen to contribute items awarded to lucky fans through a random drawing. “I find that the fans love interacting, and love giveaways even more! I wanted to show my appreciation to all of the people that support Jens Custom Crafts, and I also wanted to get the word out there about a lot of other small businesses that make fantastic guinea pig/small animal products.”

For fans of Jen and her signature huts, there’s still an opportunity to snatch up some great items. Jen says, “I will continue to create pre-made items that will be listed right up until the holidays so that you can still get goodies for your furry friends. Most of the items in the pre-made section will be holiday themed.” If you join her Facebook page, you’ll be the first to know about pre-made items as they become available. “My advice would be to keep an eye on the pre-made section of Jens Custom Crafts. I add new items often, but they go fast! Most items are snatched up within a matter of a day or two, if not hours.”

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