Constructive Cage Ideas for Holiday Safety

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Anticipating the arrival of family and friends doesn't have to be a stressful situation if you plan ahead accordingly.

Keeping your guinea pigs safe this holiday season doesn’t need to be a stressful issue if you prepare in advance. Guinea pigs, or any pet for that matter, should never be given as a gift during the holidays. If travel is part of your holiday plans, please find qualified pet sitters well in advance. However, if you are the lucky family member who is hosting this year, it’s important to make sure your furry kids are safe from unknowing guests and small children unfamiliar with guinea pigs.

If your cage is low or on the floor, your pigs may meet with very small children. Extremely young children can be tempted to ‘share’ with animals. My 15 month old house guest likes to ‘share’ his food with my dogs. He also tries to share his cookie with ‘Piig.’ The obvious solution is to leave no child unsupervised near the guinea pigs. Another idea is to raise the cage. I keep my C&C cages on a base two feet off the floor and the coroplast rises three inches above that. If all else fails, it may be best to block off the area of your home near the pig cage if you can not find a solution during holiday visits. I have a 29 inch piece of fencing used for floor time which proves to be effective as a small child deterrent and a sturdy gate.

Knowing the children are taken care of, you can now address the next potential holiday terror. Aunt Sally has insisted she bring her cat and dog with her to stay at your residence. You know these pets have never been around cavies. While you can’t risk upsetting Aunt Sally, you need to keep your guinea pigs safe from these four legged threats. To keep your open cage free from “cat launch,’ cover the top with closet organizing materials. Closet supplies and off-the-shelf units can be found at most home improvement or big box stores. Curious noses can find their way into the sides of your guinea pig cage unless you cover the sides using a binder clip to secure fabric to the top edge of the cage. This leaves the top of the cage open as completely enclosing the cage is not recommended. Another idea is using several drying (laundry) racks to surround the pig cages with a towel clipped between the spaces. While you can distract a curious dog, animals that have not been around cavies should never be left alone, unsupervised, or allowed access to the area where the cage is located.

Guinea pigs enjoy being part of activities in your home, however, they can get stressed from too much going on just like you. If at all possible, give them quiet floor time. Playing with them in a quiet room is just as soothing for you as it is for them.

With careful planning and consideration it is possible to keep your Guinea Pigs safe during what can be a very hectic time.

From my home to yours, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

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Ginger S., Writer, GPT

Ginger has been a pet owner for over 30 years and guest writes for Guinea Pig Today. She volunteers with Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and supports several bunny rescues in her area.

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