Cavy Cozies Raises Money for UK Rescues

artieImage courtesy of Cavy Cozies

Artie the guinea pig enjoys the comfort of fleece.

A UK fundraiser has raised thousands of pounds for small animal rescues by making and selling her own cavy cozies and other guinea pig fleecey items. The project was started in December 2009 when pro-rescue animal lover Pollie wanted to raise some money for a chinchilla rescue based in Leeds, UK. She advertised the cozies on The Guinea Pig Forum and they were an instant hit.

Since then the project has gone from strength-to-strength with nearly £3,000 being donated to needy rescue animals in the past two years. The range of products available at Cavy Cozies continues to expand. Three new patterned fleeces have been added to the website in the past few days.

‘We have a large number of returning customers’ says Pollie, ‘which helps us maintain a steady stream of fundraising throughout the year. New buyers are always discovering us and recommending our products to their on-line friends. It’s been very rewarding spreading the word about rescuing animals and helping piggies in need’.

Orders placed via are secure and protected by the paypal guarantee. All items are handcrafted and many are bespoke items made to individual requirements. Postage to the UK is included in the price and postage further field is available at additional cost.

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Pollie Bromilow

Small animal rescue supporter, Pollie started making and selling cavy cozies in December 2009 in order to raise funds for a chinchilla rescue. The project was a great success and she has since raised around £3,000 for rescues all over the UK through her website Pollie has converted her spare room into a cavy cozy workshop and works away in the evenings and at weekends to send parcels all over the world.

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