“I Love Guinea Pigs”

photo albumI love guinea pigs; I’ll admit it. These warm, affectionate, and friendly creatures quickly captured my heart at an early age. I must have the word “sucker” taped on my forehead, because every time I go into a pet store and I see these little cuties, I turn to mush. They’re a delight to watch when they are playing/running, and are very social animals. They each have their own unique personality, and the more attention they receive, the more livelier and responsive they become. However, it is imperative to do research before getting a guinea pig because, as with any pet, they require proper care in order to flourish.

I owned my first guinea pig when I was 12 years old; I named him Beethoven. Why that name, you ask? Well, I’d read a book about a particular guinea pig that loved classical music. He liked to listen to music, as it turned out. He was, in my opinion, the smartest guinea pig I’ve ever owned. He knew when he’d done wrong; he’d give himself a sort of “time out” and face the corner of his cage. He was such a good boy, and VERY patient with me. My grandmother took care of him once while my family and I went on vacation. She spoiled him rotten, and I joked that he must have thought he was human or something; he liked drinking out of a saucer. When he was done, he’d turn it over and “clink” it against his pellet dish like “Ok, I’m done now.”

One summer, my sister and I brought him with us, cage and all, to a cottage where our family was staying. I can remember holding him in a towel and walking close to the beach. He was nestled comfortably on my shoulder, perfectly content. A curious onlooker came up to me with a smile on her face, which quickly turned to confusion upon seeing him peek his head out from the towel. I don’t know what she expected to see, but I found her reaction hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day…

He left me with some sweet and humorous memories, that was his legacy to me… the unconditional love of a truly beloved pet and family member…

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Dee M.

I’ve been a guinea pig enthusiast since I was 12. I’ve owned many loveable and interesting piggies, each with a story to tell. Guinea pigs rule!

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