Bring Home Canadian Comforts for Your Small Pets

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Some of the guinea pig supplies designed by Canadian Comforts, 2x2 liners, 2x1 liners, 2 cuddle sacks, and 2 cuddle cups.

Canadian Comforts, creators of homemade pet bedding for small animals, was officially launched in May 2011. Being relatively new had its ups and downs. Most people had never heard of me, but at the same time were willing to give me a chance.

In the beginning, I had no idea how to sew. Really it’s true. I wanted to learn how to sew to make bedding for my own pets. The cost of bedding can add up really fast when you have six guinea pigs, two ferrets and a mouse. My father had an old Kenmore sewing machine from the late 80’s, early 90’s. I had the machine, the fabrics, and the thread, but no idea how to sew or even thread the machine. Thank goodness for the wonderful world of YouTube. Yes it’s true, I learned how to sew from watching videos on YouTube. After the first few attempts, I started making some really nice cuddle cups for everyone.

My amazing online family really pushed me to start Canadian Comforts. Many of my online friends posted how lovely my beds looked and how I should sell them. I debated making a few and just selling them to friends. I bought more fabric and everything seemed ready until my then 5 year old gave me cold after cold after cold. I was so sick. I decided to put it off until the summer when I had more time but fate had different ideas.

On my 25th birthday in May, my amazing husband bought me a new sewing machine. Not top of the line but years newer than my Kenmore. I started to make some pre-mades and soon I was getting orders from friends of mine. I decided to start a website just to test out the business. I didn’t want to put money into something that might not take off so I built my site at which is free for the basic layout. With in the first few weeks, I was overwhelmed with orders.

As the “new guy” wore off, I began to get regulars and that is when the photos from all my happy customers came in. Seeing all those happy and very cute pets in my products made be rethink my site and if I wanted to do this as a full time thing. Thus Canadian Comforts came to be. All the photos customers send in keep me making more items and each new order gives me pride in what I am doing. For the holidays I order some amazing holiday fabrics. I am currently working on a bunch of pre-mades to be launched this Monday. I specialize in cuddle cups, including mini cups, which are cuddle cups for mice and hamsters. You can join Canadian Comforts on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

I would like to thank Jen from Jens Custom Crafts, any time I’ve had questions and issues she has been there to help me through it all, my great friends for all their supportive words and my husband for putting up with movies alone and fabrics taking space in his man cave.

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Erin Schimpf

Erin is the founder of Canadian Comforts and the proud parent of six guinea pigs, two ferrets and a mouse. She is a stay at home mom with three children, Ruby, Alexander and Joseph.

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