Hero Rescues Wife and Guinea Pig From Burning Home

FireIt’s so easy for those of us involved with guinea pig rescue to hold heavy hearts for the careless way these small lives are so often mistreated and overlooked. However, for every guinea pig abuse case that goes by there’s an untold story of heroism.

Such is the case of Don Perronne, 53, who saved the couple’s guinea pig from a fire that destroyed their home in Bandon, Oregon. Don, a former forest firefighter, moved his wife to safety before going back for their pet guinea pig. Don said, “If that guinea pig would have died in the fire, my wife would have been brokenhearted,” reported Jessie Higgins of The World.

At 10:44 pm Thursday, November 3rd, Linda, 50, and Don, 53, were preparing for bed when a fire burst forth around Don igniting his full beard and hair. Linda ran towards him to assist when the couple realized the flames were quickly moving through their 35-foot travel trailer at 59464 West Beaver Hill Road. Don’s experience with fires told him they had only moments to escape because the flames could trigger an explosion at any moment. Don threw his wife out of their home with flames all around them and both dropped to the ground. Don took his wife’s hand and ran to safety.

Once he was certain his wife was safe, Don then returned to the back of his burning home and ripped open the rear wall with his bare hands. He found the guinea pig cage and pulled it to safety. As he ran towards his wife in a nearby residence, the home exploded in a 30 foot fire ball. Don’s heroic efforts had save him, his wife and their pet.

When the Bandon Fire Department arrived to battle the blaze, they found Don soaking a nearby residence and two RV’s with a hose to keep the fire from spreading. According to public records and police reports, a leaking propane tank had exploded and was found to be the cause of the fire. Unfortunately for the couple, their travel trailer and all of their possessions were a total loss.

The couple was taken to Bay Area Hospital where Linda was treated for third degree burns on her forehead and hands. Don was also suffering from third degree burns on his arms and shoulders and had lost most of his hair and beard but refused treatment until after his wife was properly cared for. The guinea pig appears to have escaped without harm. Don described their escape as a miracle.

The Perronne’s are staying with a church friend, Penny Oss, but the landlord said they need to leave by Wednesday. They are hoping to get emergency housing from Oregon Coast Community Action but it is difficult to navigate the process. The fire has destroyed all of the couple’s basic needs including clothing, work supplies, and all forms of personal identification needed to apply for assistance.

The burns on Linda’s hands need to heal before she can return to her job at Hearthside Rehabilitation & Specialty Care. Don needs to replace the three chainsaws he lost to the fire before he can get back to logging locally. Don and Linda are both very happy to be alive and hoping to find a good situation that allows them to get on with their lives and return to work.

Those of us here at Guinea Pig Today think this heroism should be rewarded. We’ll let you know if we learn more about their situation including a donation address for the Perronne’s. Special thanks to our friend Jon Leiberman and his investigative skills in trying to track down the couple and Jessie Higgins in helping us get in touch with the Perronne’s.

Sources: Bandon Western World, The World

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2 Responses to “Hero Rescues Wife and Guinea Pig From Burning Home”
  1. Monica says:

    Thanks to God, I don’t know what will I do if my piggies or my other furry babies were in danger, very pretty article

  2. Jennifer says:

    I often wonder how I could save my two boys in the event of a fire. Their room is right down the hall from mine, and I have carriers that I try to always keep ready so I can grab at least one and “throw” the little ones in it when emergency escape is needed. But if I’m not home, or there’s a wall of flame between us — I don’t want to think about it.

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