The Cozy Cavy Closed for the Holidays

Donation BedsImage courtesy of The Cozy Cavy

The first crafts made by Marsha Weaver since the tornado. These beds were made to assist with the 150+ guinea pigs brought in from a hoarding case in California. These beds went to Orange County Cavy Haven which took in many of the pregnant guinea pigs.

Marsha Weaver was living happily off her business of sewing soft goods for guinea pigs and other small pets in her Alabama family home. That all changed on April 27th this past year when a tornado struck, destroying their home, and leaving her and her family to flee for their lives. As the Weavers pick up the pieces of their lives and move on, The Cozy Cavy was put aside as priorities shifted to taking care of their children, pets, and rebuilding their home.

We were in South Carolina visiting friends during that same storm. The system established to warm of us severe weather continued to alert us through the day and night. It was unsettling to say the least. Two states away from the Weavers were high winds, power outages, and severe flooding. It was pretty rough so I can’t imagine what they went through.

It might be difficult for many people to understand how overwhelming a situation like that can be. Marsha has slowly gotten back into sewing by catching up on back orders and making items for her pets but The Cozy Cavy continues to be closed. Marsha says, “I have had The Cozy Cavy open for five years and we never closed down, not when my house got flooded or even during the time we added the new addition to our home.” Perhaps that was confusing to those who have been turning to Marsha to fill out their holiday gift giving list. Perhaps they thought giving her work would help her rebuild her life. Whatever the reason behind the requests, Marsha found herself needing to comment on the situation.

“I don’t want to sound harsh, but I don’t have any of the fabrics shown on the website and we are closed,” Marsha posted on the Cozy Cavy Facebook page. “This is not a point of me not wanting to sew, or just needing time off, I don’t have the supplies, fabric, or space to run the business on a everyday basis.”

Weaver HomeImage courtesy of The Cozy Cavy

The new home for the Weavers and The Cozy Cavy is still under construction.

Marsha was a well known member of the guinea pig community and supports rescues and shelters in finding homes for homeless pets. None of us expected that she might end up homeless herself. “Right now my family and personal animals is my only priority,” she said. The Weavers lost seventeen small pets to the tornado that destroyed their home.

Marsha still hopes The Cozy Cavy will be back in the future but exactly when that will be is unknown. “It is so disheartening to me and I hate the feeling like I am letting everyone down.” In the photos and updates that have been made, she continues to refer to one room as “The Cozy Cavy Room” making the idea of returning to normal more of a reality than a far off dream. Still, the emotional scars of that day run deep and some things aren’t as easy to rebuild as their home. “I would love to make everything better and be back to sewing everyday, but that is just not going to happen for quite sometime yet,” Marsha shares with her fans and friends.

With The Cozy Cavy closed and Jens Custom Crafts not taking custom orders, where is fashionable cavy to go this holiday season? Don’t forget our friends at Canadian Comforts and Cavy Cozies are still open and working hard to fill those gift giving orders and supply rescues with their much needed soft goods. Check with your local guinea pig rescue or shelter as well. Sometimes there is a crafts person who would be more than happy to help you fill out your wish list in exchange for a donation to their rescue.

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPT

Angela founded Guinea Pig Today and guest writes for CavyMadness. She volunteers with Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and supports the ROUS Foundation. Her guinea pig, Papua, is the star of WHEK-TV/DT.

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  1. Chana Meddin says:

    It is impossible to fathom the emotional scars that Marsha and her family struggle with as they endeavor for life to become as normal as possible…and the fact that she was still able to sew up a donation for the 150+ piggies hoarded in California
    astonishes me…We wish Marsha and her family healing, loving prayers because losing 17 small pets is inconceivable to me, and Angela, if there is some way for Marsh to be relieved of any feelings of obligation or guilt for “disappoiting” her fans, how can we reassure her that far from being disappointed, we are inspired by her courage, her ability to soldier on despite this tragedy, and my feeling that her current priorities are exactly what they need to be. Thank you.
    Chana Meddin at PandaPigSantuary, Wa./

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