New Ebook Advises Parents to Adopt a Guinea Pig Instead of Buying

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Philadelphia, PA — (SBWIRE) — 11/09/2011 — Most people assume only dogs and cats can be found in animal shelters. But according to Brankica Underwood, certain shelters also allow pet lovers to adopt a guinea pig. Underwood is the author of, “Teach Your Kids to Handle Guinea Pigs,” an ebook that shows parents how to take care of a guinea pig, while also teaching children the basics of guinea pig care. The ebook can be purchased for $4.95 at the website.

“Readers often email me asking where to buy guinea pigs. I always say, why buy when you can adopt a guinea pig instead,” said Underwood. “A quick search online will lead you to shelters, or even individuals in your area who have guinea pigs that are looking for a new home. And the bottom line is that adoption sometimes saves a guinea pig life.”

In “Teach Your Kids to Handle Guinea Pigs,” Underwood explains that shelters are often more willing to let you sit down and play with a guinea pig before actually getting it. Adopting a guinea pig can also save money on a veterinarian visit.

“Pets in reputable shelters are always checked by a vet. They receive all shots and medications they might need, and are often spayed or neutered. You can even get free advice from the vet before you leave,” said Underwood. “Buying a guinea pig doesn’t give you the same perks.”

Parents looking to adopt a guinea pig as a Christmas gift or learn how to take care of a guinea pig, can get more information about Underwood’s ebook at (

About Teach Your Kids to Handle Guinea Pigs:
“Teach Your Kids to Handle Guinea Pigs,“ helps parents understand how to best choose and take care of guinea pigs as pets. The 57-page ebook includes a special section where children can record information about their guinea pig and learn how to take care of them. The guide was written by guinea pig owner and webmaster of the website, Brankica Underwood.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    I just purchased the book but was disappointed by the lack of any mention of c & c cages and fleece bedding in the housing section. I think most of the information was very basic and could be just as easily found on the internet. The focus of the book was not really about teaching kids how to handle guinea pigs but basic cavy facts and care info.

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