Include Your Guinea Pig In Hanukkah Festivities

HanukkahImage courtesy of Cindy McAllister

Cindy and her family reflect on the holiday with Piglet while lighting the Menorah. Piglet reminded Cindy she put the candle on the wrong side.

When you think of Hanukkah you probably think of lighting candles on the Menorah, frying potato latkes, eating chocolate gelt and receiving presents eight nights in a row.

When you think of guinea pigs you probably think of veggies, toilet paper rolls, snuggling and wheeking.

However, like most holidays, Hanukkah is also about spending time with family and friends. And like most pets, your little pig is also a special member of your family.

Instead of being too busy to give your pig the tender loving care it has grown accustomed too during the crazy holiday seasons, here are some ways to incorporate your furry friend into the festivities.

I enjoy holding my guinea pig while my husband lights the candles and we recite the blessing each night. It’s a short but meaningful time for the family and it could also be a special honor to rotate who gets to be the piggy holder among your children or family members.

Since the blessing is given at sundown it is also a great time to feed your piggy dinner and spend some quality time with them. Traditional Hannukah foods such as brisket, potatos, kugal and cheese should not be given to your pet. Therefore you should stick to feeding them their favorite fruit or veggies.

Of course any holiday is also a great time for a gorgeous guinea photo shoot. Be careful with your guinea pig near an open flame. An electric Menorah or Driedels are safe and festive items to pose your little pig with. Try taking practice pictures with a stuffed animal so that your real pig can be switched in after the initial setup and be less stressed. Last year, I learned posing my pig a foot in front of the Menorah and taking the photograph at table level it looks like they are right next to each other.  A great place to view holiday guinea pig photos is my Facebook page called, “You Know You Love Your Guinea Pig When …

Including your pig in holiday celebrations is a great way remind us of the simple things in life. While ourselves and our kids are asking for expensive holiday gifts, think about how much joy a slice of cucumber brings to your guinea pig.

As a teacher, I recommend my students read holiday books and stories to their guinea pig or other pet as a great way to practice reading and learn about the holidays.

If guinea pigs could celebrate Hanukkah I know they would be thankful for the miracle of having such fabulous owners like you.

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Cindy McAllister

My name is Cindy McAllister and I love little pigs. As a first grade teacher I have the opportunity to introduce kids to the wonderful world of guinea pigs with pictures, stories, books and an occasional visit from one. My husband and I were the proud parents of Piglet (the best little pig ever) for four wonderful years and are now the loving parents to a new little girl, Penelope. I enjoy sharing my love of guinea pigs with over 2,000 people on my “You Know You Love Your Guinea Pig When .. ” fan page.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    was so sorry to hear of Piglet’s passing but sounds like she loved her Hanukkah celebrations! What a darling picture of her. So cute. I suppose, though, if you’d posed with her dreidel, she would have nibbled on it? 🙂

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