Pig-A-Thon Success, An Achievement For All Guinea Pigs

prize winners

Early in November the members of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue were contacted by the Event Coordinator for the World of Pets Expo. For quite a few years now MGPR has had an educational booth at the event. This year they asked if we could also fill a rather large space that would be open on […]

Small Pets Rescued by RSPCA and Firefighters

The RSPCA and firefighters saved scores of pets including chickens, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs when an inferno ravaged Booths Garden and Pet Centre in Oldham, Lancashire. Oldham RSPCA branch manager Mandy Tierney helped in the rescue of around 160 animals after being alerted by text message. “When we got there it was established the […]

Guinea Pig Rescue to Host Pet Expo Pig-A-Thon

King Apple Jack

You might expect to see dogs and cats at a pet event but at the 11th Annual World of Pets Expo in Timonium, Maryland, many small animals and exotics, including guinea pigs, will also be in attendance. Each year, there are animal advocates surprised to hear about homeless guinea pigs. Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue will […]

Guinea Pig Chew Toys, No Substitute for Grass Hay

papua in the hay

A guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously and it’s important that your pet’s teeth be ground naturally during the course of their lifetime. What is the best way to promote good dental health? It might be surprising to discover chew toys or chew treats are not the best way to maintain the proper grinding your pet […]

London’s Death Festival Features Guinea Pig Puppet Show

Goodbye Mr Muffin

London festival, “Death: Southbank Centre’s Festival for the Living,” takes a lighter look at life and death with a display of fun and quirkly coffins, puppetshows, and workshops. The festival, which runs from Friday January, 27 to Saturday January, 28, includes “Goodbye Mr. Muffin,” a puppet show about a guinea pig’s death. Goodbye Mr Muffin […]

A History of Guinea Pig Cages: A Learning Curve

New Cage Pigs

Like many misinformed guinea pig owners, I let my first pair of guinea pigs live in an aquarium. I was told that drafts were bad for guinea pigs and the aquarium kept them from getting a chill. It was tiny and I had to clean it often. What a cramped, boring life for those pigs! Years […]

Fleece’s Dirty Little Secret

Fleece Reality

Traditionally wood shavings or a paper-based product, like Carefresh, have been used as guinea pig bedding. Fleece, however, seems to be gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Fleece can be healthier for humans than traditional bedding because it cuts down on allergens, and is likewise good for the pigs. It’s good for the environment […]

Oxbow’s Rescue Grant Program

pile of money

Author John Miller The end of the calendar year marks a special occasion for all of us at Oxbow.  Each December, we have the honor of announcing the year’s rescue grant recipients.  For the past ten years, the Oxbow Rescue Grant Program has been aw…

Guinea Pig Today to Host New Product Review Series

sock puppet

Guinea Pig Today will be launching a new series of pet product reviews later this month with a fun twist cavy enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Editor in Chief, Angela Mitchell, explains, “While Guinea Pig Today has featured Papua Piig often in our photography, his line of comedy and antics has been maintained aside of […]

In Search of the Natural Guinea Pig Sleep Cycle


Crepuscular, Diurnal, and Nocturnal. You might have heard one of these scientific words for the first time in relationship to your pet and their sleep schedule. There is some debate among them when it comes to guinea pigs but first lets find out what they really mean. Crepuscular, diurnal, and nocturnal are all used to […]


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