Jack, the Guinea Pig, Still Waiting For His Forever Home

sad JackImage courtesy of Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue

This is three month old Jack. He is still waiting for his forever home.

December is a special time for so many around the world. A time for festivities, travel, and to be with family. It was also a time when the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue in Southport, Queensland was celebrating their sixth anniversary after opening their doors in December of 2005. Since then, they have been rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for so many cavies.

That is why, among all this happiness, Jacks’s story is so particularly sad.

Jack came into this world alongside his siblings in a home he shared with his mother. This would not be his forever home.

Shortly after Jack was born, he was taken from his family at three weeks of age. He was put in a cold, glass tank in a pet shop where he waited for someone to buy his freedom. He waited for his forever home.

Someone came along and found him trembling in a corner, appearing so frightened and alone. This caring person felt sorry for him. They purchased Jack and took him home where he was given plenty of love and attention. Certainly this was his forever home.

Jack’s family contacted the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue about boarding for the holidays. They wanted him well cared for, paid in advance, and agreed to pick him up at an appropriate time. Jack waited, but when the time came, they never appeared. Why was Jack left alone?

The Rescue tried many times and many ways to contact the owner. Now, at barely three months of age, Jack waited for his family. Finally, a response came, “Jack will be happier as a refuge piggy. He likes other gps more than humans.” Jack’s Rescue was completely shocked. Who rescues a guinea pig from a shop, pays for their boarding, and then leaves their pet behind? Jack had been abandoned.

Despite his poor start, the GCGPR is hoping to give Jack the very best chance at a new life. The volunteers of GCGPR are giving him lots of love and attention. They’ve found him to be a gentle guinea pig that loves to be held. Jack was neutered with experienced veterinarians at Greencross Oxenford. After his three week recovery period, he will be available for adoption along with one or more female guinea pigs from GCGPR.

Please let others know about Jack and others like him at the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue. They’re all waiting for their forever homes.

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPT

Angela founded Guinea Pig Today and guest writes for CavyMadness. She volunteers with Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and supports the ROUS Foundation. Her guinea pig, Papua, is the star of WHEK-TV/DT.

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5 Responses to “Jack, the Guinea Pig, Still Waiting For His Forever Home”
  1. Alex says:

    Thankyou Angela for reporting this story about Jack, and all the other piggies awaiting their forever homes at our shelter. We hope one day there will be no need for shelters for any breed of animal but until such times as the laws are changed in regard to the breeding and selling of domestic animals then we are here to pick up the pieces for as many unwanted, overbred, neglected, abandoned and surrendered guinea pigs as we can realistically take on. Now that we are a registered charity our aim is to fundraise like crazy in order find ourselves a large and permanent location where we can create a proper shelter to cater for more than the 170 guinea pigs we have cared for in our current location.

  2. Luci says:

    Where is this located?

  3. Hippo says:

    Oh, dear, when I read this, I wanted to run right over and adopt this little guy–until I realized he’s thousands of miles away.

  4. Lorena says:

    🙁 I really can’t believe this. I’ve had to surrender pigs before, due to poor economic conditions most of the time, but I always made sure they went to people who loved them and taught them how to care for them. To this day, I’m sure I did what was best for them at the time, but I can’t help missing them all 🙁
    Dear Jack, baby, what can I do from overseas to find you, and the many Jacks out there, a good and loving home?

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