Unique Burial Urns Give Pet Owners Comfort and Flexibility

limbo urnsimage courtesy of LImbo

Limbo Urns for eco-burials are specially designed to hold the ashes of your loved one.

The passing of a beloved pet can be a difficult time and, as many of you with guinea pigs know, sometime that can come unexpectedly leaving us unprepared for the loss. Growing up, my family had a modest pet cemetery in our backyard but my parents stayed in the same home and are still there today. Our pets truly had a final resting place. However, with less home owners in this generation, burying the pets in the yard isn’t always an option.

While discussing the topic of what to do with a beloved pet once it was gone from this world, someone mentioned on a forum how they had put their pet in a flower pot. The idea being the remains would “live on” naturally through a plant kept close by. Even better, when the family settled in a home in the future, they planned to bury the whole thing in the ground as a final tribute to their lost pet. This was the first time I was introduced to the idea of an eco-burial.

Another part of my mourning process was searching for a special box. Each pet had a unique container that I would select in the day after a pet’s passing. It had to be ornate, interesting, unique – just like the pet it would soon contain. To me, it was a time capsule. I often wondered if would be found one day much like archaeologists find pieces of lost civilizations. They would certainly know this was a beloved pet. When I was young, the box was complex. It was often a hand crafted sarcophagus shaped and decorated to look like the pet it would contain. As I grew up, the containers became simpler, refined, and functional, but the idea behind them remained the same.

What’s wonderful is I have recently found a company that has done all of this for me. Limbo is the maker of finely crafted urns. They’re perfect for your guinea pigs or other pet. The Limbo Zoo series of pet urns come in three styles – Nu Zoo, Geos Zoo, and Samsara Zoo. I personally love the design of the Geos Zoo. Each is created 100% animal origin free and 100% biodegradable and is designed to last over 20 years out of the ground.

With these unique products I can give my pet a burial in a special container and, when the time comes, a final resting place. A kind of life after death. How beautiful is that?

Samsara urn from Limbo America on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Unique Burial Urns Give Pet Owners Comfort and Flexibility”
  1. matt says:

    Never seen anything like this before, strange to me but I know many people see pets as their best friend and a different perspective.

  2. Terra says:

    My baby Clarice recently passed and I’ve been having a hard time with dealing with the grief and I didn’t have anywhear around my town to cremate her. I found this wonderful site well man in the UK who makes pet hair keepsake necklaces. I ordered one for my dear Clarice and it is very comforting and beautiful. The necklaces are made from resin and you mail a small amount of hair to Mick (the guy who makes them) and he makes lockets he also can put real forget-me-not-flowers in the lockets to. Just thought I’d share it cause it was a rare but amazing find for me. Here’s a link to the site : http://www.shpangle.co.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=22 <- those are just the pet hair ones the actual homepage is just http://www.shpangle.co.uk

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