Ghost Rider’s Guinea Pig Pyjamas

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I believe Ghost Rider has lost his head over the idea of designer guinea pig pyjamas.

From time to time we love to dress up our pets and take photos. Some more than others. Ancient artifacts show this has been going on as long as civilization. While some will argue costumes on guinea pigs are unnecessary, most will react with happiness at a cute photo of a guinea pig in an outfit. It’s what websites like Cute Overload and Daily Squee are built upon.

That’s why it came to a surprise to me that Jordan Farley, writer for SFX, a special effects website that reports on topics in the tv and film industry would take a jab at guinea pigs clothes.

In his film review of Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance he commented the film is, “madder than a line of designer guinea pig pyjamas and possesses the energy of a pre-schooler on a diet of candy floss and insulin shots.”

Mad? Now wait a minute. Guinea pig pyjamas are flat out adorable. I would enjoy a line of designer guinea pig pyjamas. There is nothing crazy about that. I visited our friends over at Cuddly Cavies Creations to see if they happened to have a line of guinea pig pyjamas but was not successful. They do however have a wide selection of guinea pig clothes. The closest I could find were the satin-lined cozies offered at the CavyMadness shop.

Perhaps Farley meant pyjamas for humans featuring guinea pigs? This is also a possibility. Either way, I find the conclusion to be less maddening and equally acceptable to the cavy community. I suggest we all post on their Facebook wall how much we would LOVE a line of designer guinea pig pyjamas.

Unfortunately my husband, a big fan of the Ghost Rider comics, had a horrible review of the first movie. I can’t imagine what the sequel will be like but I think I might spend a quiet evening at home with my guinea pigs as an alternative to visiting the theater.

You’ll have to read Farley’s review for yourself and see what you think. Are you planning to see Ghost Rider? Let us know what you think.

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPT

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