New Leadership, Investment, Products and Alliances Pave the way for Success at Absorption Corp

CareFRESH Habitat Products
Ferndale, Washington– Absorption Corp announces a series of investments in business development, sales & marketing and strategic alliances focused on structuring the company for growth in bedding, litter, enrichment and food. Throughout 2011 and into 2012 the company invested in virtually all aspects of its businesses; some notable changes include:

• CEO, COO, CDO and new Director of Business Development lead teams structured for driving sustainable growth, continuous improvement and customer service
• New corporate brand identity, including updated logo and website presence
• A new, more engaging webpage for the CareFRESH family of products
• Expanded sales force through internal reorganization and alliances with NEMA and NOBIS
• Business Intelligence and CRM upgrades enhance connectivity to distributors and retailers
• A new proprietary technology and process providing striking product performance improvements of two to three times longer lasting odor control across all bedding, litter and enrichment lines
• Major investments in dust control equipment and processes achieving significant reduction in dust content and product variability across all bedding lines, with full implementation scheduled for June 2012
• Start-up of a major new cellulose pellet production line, supporting various product formats
• Introduction of several new habitat products, including CareFRESH Shavings Plus blended bedding, pelleted Small Animal Litter and “Nestables” enrichment
• A fresh launch of CareFRESH Complete Menu™ small animal diet along with Timothy Hay
• The introduction of the new comprehensive CareFRESH Happy Habitat System™
• Updated packaging for CareFRESH bedding, litter, and enrichment products, including brighter colors, informative graphics and QR codes
• New strategic alliances with Green Pet Products and Spring–Fill Industries to increase breadth of “best of category” products including cob bedding and litter products, and award winning “Hide-n- Seek” enrichment “By working with our customers, applying our expertise in innovation, focusing on quality and building strategic alliances, we will build upon our strengthened foundation of excellence and Absorption Corp will continue to lead the category of small animal care products,” said Director of Business Development Marsha Seekins.

About Absorption Corp
Established in 1985, Absorption Corp offers a wide variety of premium pet bedding and litter products derived from reclaimed wood fiber (cellulose), along with habitat enrichment, complete habitat kits and a full line of small animal food. In addition to CareFRESH®, the leading small animal bedding in North America, Absorption Corp also features Healthy Pet®, 10 Mile Creek™, Super Shavin’s™ and Critter Care™ small pet bedding brands, licensed products under the Arm & Hammer® brand and cat litter. For more information about Absorption Corp, visit or call 1.800.242.2287.

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