Ganz’s Webkinz Announce Lilac Guinea Pig

lilac guinea pigImage courtesy of Webkinz

The new Webkinz Lilac Guinea Pig will be available in May 2012.

Ganzworld’s official Webkinz Newz (WKN) has revealed a sneak peek of the new toys arriving in May 2012. Among them is a much anticipated Lilac Guinea Pig.

The Webkinz are plush toys sold in connection with an interactive virtual-reality internet site. Children are to encouraged to join the Webkinz community online with a secret code which unlocks virtual in-game versions of the toys they own. Webkinz are manufactured by Canadian company, Ganz, known for distributing plush animals and collectibles. New plush pets are released each month and for holidays while older toys are retired, making Webkinz a highly sought after item for both collectors and gamers alike.

The Pet Specific Items (PSI) and Pet Specific Food (PSF) used in the virtual game world by the Lilac Guinea Pig is currently unknown but details may be released closer to product launch. We’ll be watching for more information.

webkinz pet related itemsImage courtesy of Webkinz

The current guinea pig items in the Webkinz virtual world. The new Lilac Guinea Pig items have yet to be revealed.

This is not Webkinz first Guinea Pig to be added to the collection. In April 2009, a traditionally colored black, white and ginger Guinea Pig was added to the collection as a store exclusive. The tag read, “The pitter patter of cute little feet is never far away with this adorable rodent! The Guinea Pig is one cuddly little critter that likes to keep busy all day long! You’ll love spending time with this fun little furball!” The virtual items included with this guinea pig were a hidey house lounger, a petite pellet palette.

The gift box the virtual pet came in had a exercise wheel. It is not recommended that guinea pigs use exercise wheels or balls as this has proven to cause back and leg trauma. We hope the new guinea pig items included with the virtual pet include safe and appropriate toys for cavy care to promote safe pet care among children. If you would like to voice your opinion on what items should be included for the new guinea pig virtual pet, join the conversation posted on Webkinz Facebook page.

webkinz guinea pigImage courtesy of Webkinz

The previous Webkinz guinea pig launched in April 2009 came in traditional colors.

The idea of a lilac guinea pig might seem far fetched, but one color variation of cavy coat color is referred to as lilac. Children might be surprised to find it is not a shade or purple but closer to silver with pink undertones. Some variations of the lilac coat have hints of brown but an ideal lilac guinea pig will have no pigmentation in the feet, pads, and ears.

Webkinz Newz also reports there are more pets set to rollout in May 2012. Among them are the Mallard Duck, Pink Dalmation, and Signature Normande Cow.

You can pre-order a Lilac Guinea Pig soon from Ameriwade. Who will be first in line for a Lilac Guinea Pig? Will it be you?

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