Saintfactory’s Guinea Pig YouTube Hits Inspired by School Children

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Fr. Trapp's guinea pig, Carmy, drives the Guineamobile in the first of two videos on YouTube. Will there be a third installment in the series? Only time will tell.

“I think Jesus would agree with me that guinea gigs and LEGOs are awesome,” says Fr. Andrew Trapp of St. Michael’s Catholic Church located in South Carolina. The Diocese of Charleston Priest is the creator of “To the Guineamobile!” and “To the Guineacycle!,” the popular YouTube videos published under the name saintfactory. Together they have received over 300,000 views by cavy enthusiasts around the world.

Born in Aiken, South Carolina, Fr. Trapp wanted a guinea pig when he was in the second grade. He was a cavy owner through middle school and high school. As an adult, he thought it might be fun to have guinea pigs again. He shares his pets with the students of St. Michael’s Catholic School where he teaches a religion class once a week. Carmy was named for the Carmelite Sisters who wear white and brown like her fur. Claire was named for Saint Claire, the first Franciscan sister.

Fr. Trapp also shared his love of LEGOs with the children and before too long he was receiving gifts of LEGOS as holiday gifts from the children and their families. These LEGO kits became the inspiration for Carmy’s Guineamobile, and later, Claire’s Guineacycle. The vehicles were created using a combination of pieces from different LEGO sets and run on twelve AA batteries each. The children were delighted with Fr. Trapp creativity.

Where did the stories come from? During class time, the children would share stories and characters with Fr. Trapp that he later turned into the YouTube videos filmed during his time off. A second grade girl named Diana came up with the name for the bad guy featured in the short stories – Doctor Trouble – and Michael, a friend of Fr. Trapp, provided the voice for the evil villain. The first video, “To the Guineamobile!” was premiered before the school during the 2010 Christmas season.

For the second short film, “To the Guineacycle!” Fr. Trapp got permission to include more of the school and the children in the feature. The second video was premiered before the school six months later at the closing of the 2010-2011 school year.

Fr. Andrew Trapp has other notable successes in his life. In September of 2009, he won $100,000 on FOX television’s “ Million Dollar Challenge” after defeating former NBA star John Salley and professional poker player Vanessa Rousso. He donated his winnings to to St. Michael’s parish for the construction of a new building.

Will there be a part three in the guinea pig action series? That question is yet to be answered. Guinea Pig Today was unable to contact Fr. Trapp for an interview, but we wish him and the children of St. Michael’s Catholic School the best of luck in the future. Keep the videos coming!

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  1. I’ve always loved those videos, I end up replaying them every time I watch. The second one is even cuter than the first!

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