Kids TV Creators Feature Guinea Pigs in “The Burrow Bunch”

Guinea pig painting eggsImage courtesy of The Burrow Bunch

Guinea pigs Petal and Rocket paint holiday eggs in their first video featured on The Burrow Bunch's YouTube channel.

As any parent with young kids will know the one conversation that constantly comes up morning, noon and night is ‘when can we get a pet?’ I have twin eight year old girls and after months of discussion, my friend Andrea showed me the most adorable two guinea pigs who were looking for a new home. I didn’t want to get my girls’ hopes up so Andrea and I went to visit our prospective new pets. As soon as we saw them we fell in love. By the afternoon Petal and Rocket were happily settled in their new home. But happiness doesn’t even begin to describe how my girls reacted when they met their new ‘sisters’.

As soon as we got to know the guinea pigs we felt the world should see them. At the time Andrea and I were working on a couple of television business ideas. Our background is in kids’ tv and so we dropped the projects we were doing and put our energy into the Burrow Bunch. Andrea was fresh out of art school and so was able to make the sets. We had a great time choosing the material and decorating the set. Whatever we couldn’t make, we sourced by poking around shops and scouring our children’s toy boxes for ‘small things’.

When it was ready we rolled the cameras and set Petal and Rocket in their new environment. They were quite curious but also quite happy and much to our dismay they didn’t do much! We realised that patience was going to be very important. We took a long time to film it and gave Rocket and Petal lots of breaks in the garden and their favourite treats. The final product was a combination of lots of editing tricks, patience and love.

Watch out! There’s much more to come from The Burrow Bunch.

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Annabel and Andrea

Annabel and Andrea have spent the last 20 years in tv broadcast, the majority of that time being spent in the world of kids tv. Andrea owned a beloved pet called Melvina, a Great English Crested guinea pig who won the hearts of all who met her. Annabel is just at the start of her guinea pig journey with new family members Rocket and Petal and is enjoying every moment of it.

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  1. Sally says:

    Very cute and silly. I can’t imagine the time involved in the setup and filming (and editing).

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