Kaytee Recalls Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Kaytee Hamster Food

Kaytee Pet Products is recalling a single manufacturing batch of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster due to possible contamination with Salmonella. The product affected by this recall is identified below and has the following “Best Before” dates: Material # UPC Code Size Product Name/Description Best Before Code(day-month-year) 100502315 71859 00001 6/5 lb. […]

Who Wins the Title of Best Biter: Guinea pigs, Rats, or Squirrels?

Who is the best biter in the rodent world? At the University of Liverpool, that’s exactly what Biologists wanted to know. To learn more about specific mechanism in different rodents’ chewing styles, the team from the Department of Musculo-skeletal Biology made a computer model of the anatomical features in rats, squirrels, and guinea pigs. The […]

Wild West themed wooden guinea pig houses and beach retreat

wild west theme guinea pig houses

Remember the wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon in our earlier posts? We just found out that they are adding a new Wild West themed collection of cavy hideaways and wanted to share their pictures here. If westerns don't suit your taste, they al…

Dole Fresh Vegetables Announces Precautionary Recall of Limited Number of Salads

Dole lettuce

Dole Fresh Vegetables is voluntarily recalling 756 cases of DOLE® Seven Lettuces salad with Use-by Date of April 11, 2012, UPC code 71430 01057 and Product Codes 0577N089112A and 0577N089112B, due to a possible health risk from Salmonella. Dole Fresh Vegetables is coordinating closely with regulatory officials. No illnesses have been reported in association with […]

Student Sues University to Keep Guinea Pig for Emotional Support

Kendra Velzen's Blanca

A Grand Valley State University student is filing a lawsuit against her school claiming they violated federal housing policy by not letting her keep guinea pig, Blanca, in campus housing. 28 year old Kendra Velzen, suffers from bouts of severe depression and a heart condition but found “emotional support” in her pet guinea pig. The […]

Sandi’s Guinea Pig Shaped Soaps Charm Cavy Enthusiasts

Image courtesy of Sandi's Soap Scents

A new line of premium handmade soaps has appeared in guinea pig shapes and is receiving a warm welcome from the online cavy community. Sandi DeBruyne of Michigan is the creative mind behind Sandi’s Soap Scents and she’s hoping the guinea pig shaped soaps have a similar appeal to animal lovers as her previous mouse […]

Ollie from Thistle Cavies

Ollie from Thistle Cavies

$530.29 or 400.10 pounds raised so far! WOO HOO WE MADE OUR GOAL!UPDATE: We have a person willing to match a $75 donation! If you make a $75 donation, your dollars will be doubled! UPDATE: MATCH MADE. Thanks to both parties!Meet Olliefrom UK RescueThis…

Michigan Rescue in Trouble as Accusations Fly and Controversy Stirs

Critter Cafe

In Fruitport Township, Michigan, there’s a rescue responsible for saving over a thousand lives called the Critter Café. Christine Bishop is the founder and has rescued guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, cats, birds and other animals during the five years her 501(c)(3) organization has been in existence. Recently, she has come under fire from the very […]

Beginner’s Care Instructions on Canadian Cavy Website

Canadian Cavy

Guinea pig care is the number one thing new guinea pig owners don’t know. In many parts of the world people have compiled tons of information on how to properly, and some not so properly, take care of guinea pigs. Early 2008 I was one of those new owners, missed informed and under educated in […]


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