Guinea Pig Fashion Show Promotes Farms in Peru

guinea pig fashion showImage courtesy of La Republica

Some of the guinea pigs featured in the fashion event.

We all love a fashion show especially when it includes the most adorable guinea pigs. Although you might be surprised to find in the district of El Tambo, Huancayo, these adorable runway stars are promoting guinea pig farms that might turn these fashion models into tomorrow’s dinner.

The show, called “Miss Cuy,” is similar to a beauty pageant with guinea pigs competing for the titles of “Miss Simpatía” (Miss Congeniality) and “Miss Identidad” (Miss Identity) among others. Guinea pigs will parade in custom made costumes that express the latest in fashion. Guinea pigs with long hair will be showing off their hairstyles. Organizers expect over seven thousand people to attend the event on Sunday, May 13.

La República, one of the two main national daily newspapers sold in Lima, Peru, is reporting that the country’s biggest guinea pig farms will take part in the show as part of the 12th Saños Chaupi Tourism Festival. In addition to the fashion show, organizers will be making the self proclaimed “World’s Largest Guinea Pig Soup” and sharing the broth with attendees for free. The companies are hoping to inform the public about the health benefits of including guinea pig in their diet.

There seems to be some confusion however on how making guinea pigs appear cute and cuddly would make them seem more edible. Juanita commented on that she felt, “After seeing them like this, all I would want is to have them as pets. Poor little things, if only they knew what their future awaits them…”

No word on the lives of the guinea pigs featured in the show. We would hope that once these guinea pigs receive a special title, they would be spared the dinner plate. Guinea Pig Today was unable to reach any of the companies involved for comment.

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPT

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One Response to “Guinea Pig Fashion Show Promotes Farms in Peru”
  1. Jennifer says:

    What concerns me is that the guinea pig “farms” may be nothing more than factory farms (akin to puppy mills and to battery cages used for chickens here in the US). I know they’ve eaten cuy in South America for centuries as well as using Guinea pigs in religious sacrififces (the latter is not anymore I hope).

    This show though is ambiguous.

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