Pet Store Banned from Sale of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

guinea pig and rabbit hutchImage courtesy of R and A Pets and Garden Centre

The animals of R and A Pets and Garden Centre were kept in hutches similar in style to the one pictured.

A pet store in east Hull, UK, has been banned from the sales of rabbits and guinea pigs after RSPCA investigators found the shop was not providing basic care for their animals.

Investigators were following a tip from a concerned shopper in R and A Pets and Garden Centre on Holderness Road during April of 2011. The RSPCA attempted to work with the pet shop, providing advice and care instructions. However, by June of last year, such changed had not been implemented. Thirty three rabbits and nineteen guinea pigs were then taken by police on the advice of a veterinarian and given the care they required.

The shop owner denied mistreating the animals and collected signatures from his customers in an attempt to clear his name, however he was found guilty of seven offences under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. This including failing to give the animals a proper diet and veterinary care for those that were sick. The shop owner was fined £500, banned from selling animals for five years, and orderPeted to complete 80 hours of community service.

Animals in his shop were collected by the RSPCA after he was sentenced at Hull Magistrates’ Court at the end of April. They will be looked after and placed in new homes. The shop would remain open and continue to sell pet supplies.

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPT

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2 Responses to “Pet Store Banned from Sale of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits”
  1. Cassandra says:

    Who should we notify if we notice neglect in a pet store? The police or county animal services?

  2. JAMES R. says:

    America needs to have laws like this one. I think it’s good that he can not sell cavies or rabbits for 5 yrs…if it happens again, I believe in a permanent ban. The longer I live as an American, the more I want to move to the UK.

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