World’s Smallest Dog is the Size of a Guinea Pig

World's Smallest DogImage courtesy of Animal Planet

The World's Smallest Dog, Boo Boo (left), is about the size of a guinea pig.

At just four inches tall (10 cm) and weighing 1.5 pounds (675 g), Boo Boo, a longhaired Chihuahua from Raceland, Kentucky has the title of World’s Smallest Living Dog in height. That makes this tiny pooch about the size of a guinea pig!

Boo Boo has always been quite small. She was a third of the size of other puppies in her litter and about the size of a thumb when she was born in April of 2006. Her veterinarians say it was a miracle she survived. She had to be nursed from an eyedropper every two hours until she could drink from a bottle.

Owner Lana Elswick submitted Boo Boo for The Guinness Book of World Records in May of 2007 after she turned a year old. She was officially confirmed by a panel of judges and added in September of 2007. “I saw this contest going on between these two little dogs and I knew I had the smallest one, but I just had to wait until I got my certificate to really show everyone,” Elswick told the Daily Mail.

Since gaining her title, Boo Boo has become world famous being featured on such shows as Regis and Kelly and Animal Planet. Boo Boo also got to meet World’s Tallest Living Dog, Giant George. George weights over 245 pounds and stands 43 inches tall.

Previous title holder of World’s Smallest Dog was another American Chihuahua named Ducky who was measured 4.9 inches tall. Even more amazing, the World’s Smallest Dog ever, according to the Guinness Book, was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier at just 2.8 inches (7 cm) tall.

Size doesn’t matter. Remember that statistic next time someone says you’re crazy for allowing guinea pigs to roam your home because of their dainty size.

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