Guinea Pig Grooming Salon opens in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

guinea pig getting a bathImage courtesy of This Little Piggy Salon

Long-haired guinea pig, Buddha, gets a bath from This Little Piggy Salon.

Love guinea pigs but find you don’t have the time for dedicated grooming? One woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is hoping pet owners will want to give their guinea pigs the care offered to dogs and cats with a new salon that caters to guinea pigs.

Jaina Brandstetter, owner of the newly opened This Little Piggy Salon in Linn County understands the issue pet lovers experience first hand. “I have four Guinea Pigs (Buddha, Dharma, Maddi and Chilea), two rabbits, a gerbil and two dogs so I fully understand the fears and frustrations of grooming through my own animals,” she tells Guinea Pig Today.

Guinea pig grooming options have been few and far between in this part of the US. While some exotic veterinarians offer these services from vet techs, the prices and availability in many areas can make this a non-option for some pet owners. Guinea pig rescues and shelters sometimes carry these options in return for a donation but this can leave busy pet parents relying on the schedule of volunteers.

Jaina opened her salon to the public in late February after hearing pet store customers comment how they were afraid to bathe or trim their guinea pigs’ nails themselves. Her home-based business now offers nail trimming, bathing, fur trims, and dematting. In addition, her mother, Beth, joins her on Etsy to sell guinea pig crafts made of fleece.

long haired guinea pig from This Little Piggy SalonImage courtesy of This Little Piggy Salon
While Jaina has been grooming guinea pigs for two years, This Little Piggy Salon is new to the public and doesn’t have a large client base yet. One of the salon’s regulars, Sara Jacobmeyer, informed Guinea Pig Today about Jaina’s new grooming service. Jaina explains, “I do have several regulars, including Sara’s pigs that get nail trims, baths and fur trims. Some call me for advice because I have learned quite a lot in the last two years and am always happy to share my knowledge.”

Jaina’s grooming services do have responsible limits. “I always direct people to a small animal vet for tooth trims and any other health related needs…” In addition, not all guinea pigs enjoy sitting pretty. She jokes that all guinea pigs are welcome – even the ones that kiss with teeth. “They all have their own personalities so it gave me the chance to become used to easily groomed pigs and more difficult cases. Sara can attest to me being bitten a few times!”

For more information on This Little Piggy Salon, visit their Facebook page or reach out via email. Jaina hopes her business can expand into animal-safe fur and skin care products other pet parents can use on their furry babies. “I love them like my kids and always want the best for them whether it’s health or happiness.”

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