Shelter Workers Appeal for Help with Large Intake of Guinea Pigs

rescued guinea pigImage courtesy of Edmonton Humane Society

One of the guinea pigs available for adoption or foster from the Edmonton Humane Society.

The Edmonton Humane Society of Alberta, Canada now has forty five guinea pigs on their hands and are looking for potential adopters and foster care volunteers. Their Facebook page explains, “One owner surrendering almost 30 guinea pigs to the Edmonton Humane Society on one day has put a strain on caring for small animals at the Society’s shelter.”

Fifteen of the cavies are currently in foster care. Some of the surrendered guinea pigs are injured and pregnant and are being cared for before being available for adoption. The guinea pigs were surrendered by someone who had a breeding pair and became overwhelmed with the number of guinea pigs that were reproducing. For more information on neutering your guinea pigs, please check out this article written by Nicole from Orange County Cavy Haven.

While 29 might seem like a large number, it’s sadly not unusual to get a large intake of cavies. Last year, the cavy community took action when three rescues assisted with more than 150 guinea pigs taken in at a shelter in California.

When the shelter posted this news on their Facebook page, the reactions were mixed. One person posted, “Seriously, how do you not realize you’re overwhelmed by guinea pigs until you hit 29?” while another commented, “Who does that? That is true. But at least they brought them to the right people to find them new homes. It could have been worse if they had been abandoned somewhere which happens way to often.”

The Edmonton Humane Society is appealing for help with their situation. For more information on donating, visit their website. Please visit their page of exotics if you wish to adopt or foster.

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