Guinea Pigs Steal the Show on “A Little Bit Country”

Corinne and her guinea pigsImage courtesy of Michiko Vartanian

Corinne and her three guinea pigs, Charo, Romeo, and Flossy.

If you haven’t caught the new Jenny Garth show, “A Little Bit Country,” you might want to check it out. The premise of the show, which airs on CMT Fridays at 9:00pm (PST), has the recently separated Garth leaving Hollywood to raise her children on a ranch in rural California. So why am I recommending this show in Guinea Pig Today? Well, because there are guinea pigs in it, of course!

Corinne Dekker is Garth’s assistant on the show. Corinne adopted her three pigs, Charo, Romeo, and Flossy, from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue. So naturally, when Corinne went to the ranch with Garth, her three piggies went with her and became a little bit country too. Sometimes you have to stay alert to catch them in the episodes. They do not get nearly the airtime some of their fans (including me) think they should, but they light up the screen when they’re on it.

In case anyone thinks that stardom has gone to these piggies’ heads, that is not the case. Charo and company remain quite humble and have wasted no time in using their celebrity status for good. Charo, Romeo, and Flossy (and Corinne) are the honorary celebriguineas for the 2012 SoCal Pignic hosted by OC Cavy Haven and taking place at the Irvine Animal Care Center on July 15 from noon-4pm. So let’s hope for a second season so our favorite celebriguineas will be able to continue to promote adoption. With the way they steal the scene every time they’re on camera, though, the producers may want to consider changing the name of the show to, “Jenny Garth, A Little Bit Cavy.”

You can learn more about the SoCal Pignic on the Cavy Haven Facebook page. You can also follow Corinne Dekker on Twitter @corinnedekker. She posts pics of Charo, Flossy, and Romeo daily!

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Michiko Vartanian

Michiko has been a volunteer of Orange County Cavy Haven since she adopted her first guinea pigs five years ago. She currently cares for four adopted guinea pig boys and three fosters. She really enjoys being involved in rescue and associating with so many great people who care so much about these wonderful animals.

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3 Responses to “Guinea Pigs Steal the Show on “A Little Bit Country””
  1. Julie says:

    What an awesome article. I love Corinne and so proud to have her as a friend. She is a true spokes person for Guinea Pig Rescue and I know for a fact that she wanted to be able to share the plight of homeless guinea pigs through the show. I am still hoping for more airtime for the piggies as well! They are so beautiful and need to be seen.

  2. Doris Davis says:

    I am a very proud aunt to Romeo, Charo and Flossy— I am beaming with their success and their positive impact on guinea rescue!!! Keep up the awareness lovers!! And always give your mama the love and devotion that she gives to you all! Love always, Aunt Dor

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