Summertime is Pignic Time for Orange County Cavy Haven!

Souther California PignicImage courtesy of Michiko Vartanian
Summertime is Pignic time!

I was so excited to see photos of the Ninth Annual Boston Spring Pignic show up on my Facebook feed a couple days ago. Believe it or not, even though I’ve been in the guinea pig world for five years now, I had never heard the word “pignic” until last year. I had no idea that organizations put on pignics all over the country and that they are so much fun!

It all started for me last year when one of my fellow Cavy Haven volunteers asked if anyone wanted to go on a road trip to check out the Bay Area Pignic. I had no idea what she was talking about so I looked it up on Facebook and I signed up for that road trip right away! Are you kidding me? A place for piggy lovers to bring their pigs and hang out in the park? Even though I wasn’t going to put my guinea pigs through a 6-hour car ride, I certainly wanted to go see so many pigs having fun in one place.

Unfortunately, there was a freeway shut down planned for that weekend and, in Los Angeles, shutting down a major freeway for even a day is like shutting down the city. Some of us were so disappointed about not being able to go to the Bay Area Pignic that we did what any self-respecting guinea pig lovers would do – we threw our own!! The result was the first annual SoCal Pignic!

Last year’s SoCal Pignic was a huge success and a lot of fun! There were approximately 90 attendees who enjoyed a veggie eating contest (see attached photo), a costume contest, a Cavy talk from a local cavy vet, food, a raffle and a silent auction. This year’s SoCal Pignic is going to be on July 15 at the Irvine Animal Care Center and I can hardly wait. We have been able to get such generous support from many sponsors, including The Los Angeles Lakers, The Discovery Science Center, Knotts Berry Farm, Sweet Meadow Farms, and many more. Even Sprouts joined in on the fun this year and will be donating fresh veggies for all of our piggy guests! We even have celebriguineas this year!! Corinne Dekker, of “Jennie Garth, A Little Bit Country,” is bringing our official celebriguineas, Charo, Romeo, and Flossy, who appear on the show with her, as our official spokespiggies.

If you’re in the SoCal area on July 15th, we sure hope to see you (and your piggies!) at the Pignic!! If not, maybe you can find a Pignic in your area. You can find a listing at Cavymadness’ Pignic Central.

To find out more about the SoCal Pignic, check out the OC Cavy Haven Facebook page. To see photos of the Boston Spring Pignic, as well as read more on Pignic Etiquette, check out Pignic Central on Facebook.

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Michiko Vartanian

Michiko has been a volunteer of Orange County Cavy Haven since she adopted her first guinea pigs five years ago. She currently cares for four adopted guinea pig boys and three fosters. She really enjoys being involved in rescue and associating with so many great people who care so much about these wonderful animals.

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2 Responses to “Summertime is Pignic Time for Orange County Cavy Haven!”
  1. Sally says:

    Yay! I love to hear about people starting up their own pignic. People often ask Pignic Central if there’s one in their area, and if I discover there isn’t, I tell them they can always start one up on their own (but it never happens). Huzzah to you for starting one up!

    • Michiko says:

      Thank you for getting the word out there and keeping the Pignic people informed! I truly enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the Pignic stories…and it would be so great if more of them popped up all over. It’s a fun way for piggy people to get together and celebrate our furry little friends!

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