Storm Season Safety Tips for Guinea Pigs

Storm clouds over the Washington DC areaGuinea Pig Today

Storm clouds over the Washington DC area.

Last week we had Tornado Warnings in the area and it left me wondering what I should do about my guinea pigs to prepare for the worst. Many of us have heard the story of Weaver family and the tornado that devastated Alabama in April of 2011. Unfortunately they lost many small animals in that storm but some survived despite the odds. Animals are amazingly resilient but we can help them be better prepared for severe weather situations.

Do you know the difference between the warnings issued by the National Weather Service? A Tornado Watch means conditions are right for a tornado in your area whereas a Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted or picked up by radar. Emergency preparations should be done as early as possible. Don’t wait for the Tornado Warning.

The best thing you can do for caged pets, as outlined by the blog supported by the American Red Cross, is put them in an airline-approved carrier in a basement or windowless room. We’ve previously discussed what you should look for when purchasing a travel carrier and this is another reason to get a hard sided carrier for maximum protection. Put the carrier under a table or another object that can further protect from falling debris.

FEMA recommends putting aside food and water to last at least 72 hours. You can do this for your pets as well. If you keep your veterinary records in a folder in your home, which we highly recommend, get those out and put them near your pets under a weighted object. Also include a list of emergency veterinarians if your vet is not 24 hours. Having more than one option can give you more support in an emergency situation covering a large area. Remember, you won’t be the only one looking for care after a disaster.

If you live in a trailer, it’s very important to put your caged pets in a carrier and find safe shelter. If you can’t get to a shelter, find the nearest secure structure. You can plan ahead by learning what shelters in your area allow pets. The FEMA website on animal care can help you figure out who to call in different situations. If you can’t locate a shelter that takes pets, look for a safe, pet friendly hotel or motel.

Give your pets their best chance of survival. Nobody thinks the worst can happen to them until it happens so it’s best to be prepared. Here at Guinea Pig Today, we wish you the best of luck during storm season.

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  1. David Budka says:

    Thank you, we live in Omaha, Nebraska and tornado season is upon us!

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