Flat Bonnie Makes Flat Cavies for A Cause

guinea pigs named The Nelson Twins with their Flat CaviesImage courtesy of Reggie P.

The Nelson Twins with their Flat Cavies.

Not only are Flat Bonnie and her plushy cohorts adorable, but they are showing up everywhere to spread the word about adoption. Recently, they were spotted at the Exotic Pet Fair in Pasadena, California as well as the Bunny Luv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, California and the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

This month, Flat Cavies will be making an appearance at the SoCal Pignic being held at the Irvine Animal Care Center. The Pignic is sponsored by OC Cavy Haven and Flat Bonnie generously donated a couple of Flat Cavies, GuineaPoos and a gift certificate to the silent auction to help raise funds for the piggies.

Flat Bonnie was created to raise awareness about adoption. When people “adopt” plushies from Flat Bonnie, the message goes with them – when you are ready to welcome a real bunny, piggy, chinchilla, or other small animal into your home, please look to your local rescue or shelter. As part of their mission, Flat Bonnie donates a portion of her sales each month to a rescue organization.

rabbits Potacho and Sesame with Flat Bonnie toysImage courtesy of Michiko Vartanian

Potacho and Sesame with their Flat Bonnie counterparts.

This month, OC Cavy Haven is one of Flat Bonnie’s featured rescues. So if you are trying to think of a fun gift for a fellow cavy enthusiast, or perhaps a thoughtful gift for a younger person that would carry the message of adoption with it, Flat Bonnie might be the answer! And if you purchase in July, you can support Cavy Haven’s piggies by indicating OCCH at checkout. Or you can support all three featured rescues by leaving the indicated spot blank. Either way, your purchase will support a great organization and also support a fun company with a great message of adoption!

For more information on Flat Bonnie and her friends, please visit Flat Bonnie’s website or become a fan on her Facebook page. For more information on Orange County Cavy Haven, please visit www.cavyhaven.org or catch up with details on the SoCal Pignic on the OC Cavy Haven Facebook page.

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Michiko Vartanian

Michiko has been a volunteer of Orange County Cavy Haven since she adopted her first guinea pigs five years ago. She currently cares for four adopted guinea pig boys and three fosters. She really enjoys being involved in rescue and associating with so many great people who care so much about these wonderful animals.

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  1. michiko says:

    By the way, I wish I could take photo credit for that cute pic of Potacho and Sesame, but the credit goes to Melissa G. (Sorry I forgot to indicate that in the first place!) Also, The Nelson Twins photo is Reggie P and Suzanne P.

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