Jasmine – A Rescued Guinea Pig From Australian Cavy Sanctuary

Jasmine guinea pig before after rescueImage courtesy of Australian Cavy Sanctuary

Left: Jasmine upon arrival at the Australian Cavy Sanctuary. Right: Jasmine after her rescue and recovery.

I fell in love with Jasmine the moment I saw her. She was half bald from mange, emaciated, stunted in growth and had two babies with her that she was struggling to feed. Jasmine was part of a mass surrender from a private rescuer in late 2011.

She was saved from a snake breeder along side three of her babies and the father. All the guinea pigs were destined to become snake food but luckily the rescuer had found out and saved them all and also retrieved all the guinea pig cages from the snake breeder thus hopefully ending his guinea pig breeding.

Jasmine had already had two litters of babies thus making her at least 7 – 8 months old in age, however she was the size of a two month old guinea pig on arrival to us. One of the male babies from her first litter and the father guinea pig were paired up and adopted to new homes once they had regained their health. I took Jasmine and her surviving two babies from her second litter on foster care for ACS.

jasmine babies guinea pig rescueImage courtesy of Australian Cavy Sanctuary

Jasmine's two surviving pups needed special care after their rescue.

Jasmine was so run down when she came to me that she didn’t have enough milk to feed her babies. The babies, both stunted in growth, were syringe fed a supplement formula. Jasmine was treated for mange and had to regain her health and weight. It took many months for Jasmine to finally regain her health and hair.

I ended up adopting all three off these special piggies as they had so firmly found their way into my heart that I just couldn’t let them go.

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Rachel Findley

Rachel is a Volunteer and guinea pig Foster Carer for the Australian Cavy Sanctuary Brisbane Shelter (ACS).

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  1. Diane R. says:

    She’s beautiful and all of them are lucky to have been rescued by you.

  2. Beautiful story, well done! What lucky piggies 🙂

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