Did Justin Bieber Set a Bad Example for Small Pet Owners?

Justin Bieber Hamster PACImage courtesy of Twitter

Justin Bieber's Hamster, PAC.

“Belieb” it or not, Justin Bieber left his hamster behind in Atlanta, Georgia, in a move that has shocked fans who are also small pet owners. Justin handed PAC, his pet dwarf hamster, to a screaming fan last Wednesday night after Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball at Philips Arena.

TMZ posted a poor quality video where you can see Justin walking towards a mob of screaming fans. It’s difficult to see anything but the report claims he then hand his hamster cage to a female fan saying, “That’s all you,” followed shortly by “You gotta take care of PAC.” The fan screams, “I will take care of him!”

Jonathan Stinson of The Sand Mountain Reporter revealed the fan was Victoria McClure of Albertville, Alabama, and posted a photo of the fan with what appears to be Justin’s cage. Since receiving Justin’s pet, her popularity online has skyrocketed to 7,000 Twitter followers. McClure tells fans she hasn’t owned a hamster since she was seven but planned to consult a veterinarian on Wednesday to learn proper care techniques.

Ideally, pet owners should provide the best care possible for the life of the pet. Acquiring hamsters and guinea pigs as “starter pets” is a common problem. Perhaps Justin should have chosen a pet that was better suited for his living situation. However life on the road, as in a concert tour, can be incredibly stressful for any animal or human.

In March 2010, Popdirt.com reports Justin said, “My biggest heartbreak moment was when my hamster died… I was 7, and it was the first thing that ever died in my life. It was a very sad moment.” In November 2011, Justin sold his young Boa Constrictor, Johnson, on Charitybuzz.com for $1,000 and donated the money to Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools around the world. He introduced the snake at the MTV Video Music Awards in August of that same year.

The eighteen year old heartthrob first announced his new tour pet, PAC, on October 20th and posted a photo on his Twitter feed claiming “I will bring him to every meet n greet.” That puts his pet owner commitment at less than two months assuming he acquired the hamster the same day he posted the Tweet. It’s unclear exactly what type of dwarf hamster Justin owned but they can usually live about two years.

There is only speculation surrounding why Justin felt the need to abandon his pet in this way. One comment made by limepenguin67 hinted on Twitter, “I heard it was because he couldn’t bring PAC on the plane. Sad isn’t it?”

Did Justin Bieber set a bad example for small pet owners? What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Did Justin Bieber Set a Bad Example for Small Pet Owners?”
  1. Laura says:

    When you get a pet you then have a responsibility to look after the pet yourself, he is lucky that the fan sounds sensible and is going to the vets for advice. I hope next time he thinks about getting a pet and his living situation because its obvious he didn’t in this situation.

  2. Pam says:

    That’s utterly reprehensible behaviour to be modelling for tweens. Or anyone.

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