Frankie-Lynn from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue

Frankie Lynn guinea pig

$274 raised so far! Please donate and keep sharing Frankie-Lynn’s story! WE ARE OVER $100 AWAY FROM OUR GOAL!Meet Frankie-Lynnfrom VA rescueMetropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue!Frankie-Lynn was named after Franklin Park. That is where she was discovered…

Donald Trump from Crazy Cavies

Donald Trump guinea pig

So far we’ve raised $450! We met our goal!Meet Donald Trumpfrom FL rescueCrazy CaviesThis guinea pig is named Donald Trump and he was abandoned at a shelter that does not house anything but dogs and cats. One of the workers took him and his buddy in an…

Things to Consider When Adopting an Older Guinea Pig

Alfredo guinea pig

Of the many considerations that go into choosing the right pet for a family, life span is certainly right near the top of the list. And, while guinea pigs have many wonderful qualities that make them a great choice for a family pet, their average 5-7 year life span gives some people reason to pause. […]

Lorenzo from Wee Companions

Lorenzo guinea pig

So far we have raised $559.33! WE RAISED THE FULL AMOUNT OF LORENZO’S SURGERY!And we have raised over $20,000 for guinea pigs since the site’s inception!Meet Lorenzofrom CA rescueWee Companions!Lorenzo has a guardian angel (D), who drove 200 …

Eros from Wee Companions

Eros guinea pig

A round of applause for our supporters! We met the goal by day FIVE! $430 raised so far!Meet Erosfrom CA rescueWee Companions!Eros came to Wee Companions through a long and assorted journey.Though we are not sure how old he is, he m…

Guinea Pig Relationship Ups and Downs

New guinea pig owners are often nervous about what constitutes normal guinea pig behavior between members of their herd. They often separate their guinea pigs for fear that they’re fighting when the pigs were just trying to establish boundaries and pecking order. They also worry that pigs that don’t cuddle together all the time don’t really like […]

Junebug from Harvest Home Sanctuary

Junebug guinea pig

$424.50 raised so far! WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL! Can we keep going and raise the full amount for Junebug’s surgery?UPDATE: an anonymous donor has offered a match of up to $100, and a separate donor has offered a match up to $33 (so we are seeking $133). We…

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Raise Funds for Arizona’s Piggie Poo Rescue at Bowl-A-Rama

bowl-a-rama piggie poo rescue t-shirt

Volunteers at Arizona’s Piggie Poo Rescue are participating in a Bowl-A-Rama event next Saturday to raise funds for the guinea pig rescue and bring awareness to cavy welfare. Piggie Poo volunteer, Wendy Anderton, tells Guinea Pig Today, “We are dressing up with our new t-shirt design featuring “Charlie”, a rendering of a drawing done by […]

Jasmine – A Rescued Guinea Pig From Australian Cavy Sanctuary

jasmine guinea pig after rescue recovery

I fell in love with Jasmine the moment I saw her. She was half bald from mange, emaciated, stunted in growth and had two babies with her that she was struggling to feed. Jasmine was part of a mass surrender from a private rescuer in late 2011. She was saved from a snake breeder along […]

Guinea Pig Adopters/Fosters Needed at MSPCA at Nevins Farm, Boston Area

Mr.Barky and Patches from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm

Note from the Editor: This time of year has guinea pig rescues and shelters across the country overflowing with guinea pigs looking for new homes so please, if you don’t live in the Boston area, check your local shelter or rescue and give a guinea pig pair a loving home or volunteer for fostering to […]


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