Jasmine – A Rescued Guinea Pig From Australian Cavy Sanctuary

jasmine guinea pig after rescue recovery

I fell in love with Jasmine the moment I saw her. She was half bald from mange, emaciated, stunted in growth and had two babies with her that she was struggling to feed. Jasmine was part of a mass surrender from a private rescuer in late 2011. She was saved from a snake breeder along […]

Odd Oliver: Interesting Behaviors of a Rescued Guinea Pig

oliver hiding

My guinea pig, Oliver, is a good boy but he is very weird sometimes. We call him Mr. Spaz. He is the hardest of my six to catch when it’s time for cage cleaning. He makes me wait until he decides where he wants me to put his pellets. Sometimes he wants them in his […]

My Life With Piggies


When I was 4 years old my dad brought home guinea pigs left behind at his job and looking for a new owner. Since then I have been in love. Mom wasn’t a pet person and didn’t know we had any until 40 years later when an aunt spilled the beans! In the eighties I […]

Mama’s Milo


He wasn’t always given the respect he demanded. He knew he was Mama’s Milo, but it truly didn’t matter to him what you called him as long as he knew he was acknowledged. He had a non-discriminatory policy about who talked with him and who held him. Any able body that walked passed his cage […]

How Eno found Us

Murphy Mart

I first saw Eno at Murphy’s Mart department store. I had not been looking for a new animal friend and I hadn’t had a guinea pig since I was fourteen and lost my dear little Knish. My friend Jodi and I were off goofing around while our boyfriends were practicing with their band. There wasn’t […]

“I Love Guinea Pigs”

I love guinea pigs; I’ll admit it. These warm, affectionate, and friendly creatures quickly captured my heart at an early age. I must have the word “sucker” taped on my forehead, because every time I go into a pet store and I see these little cuties, I turn to mush. They’re a delight to watch […]

I Can’t Choose Just One


I was recently asked “Which one of your pets is your favorite?” I found myself pausing for a moment as I have eight, yes 8 pets. I’ve owned Sarah 13, and Seth 12, the longest, but they’re dogs so while they are still pets and I love them very much, they are not Guinea Pigs. […]

Back for More: Adopting Willow and Pippin

Willow Pippin PignicGrass

I have yet to have a pair of guinea pigs with such a strong bond as Vicky and Athena. They would bicker and hassle each other like a pair of siblings and yet would cram themselves in their hidey house to sleep together every day. When we lost Athena, Vicky quickly became lonely and depressed without her […]

Fairy Magic: Fairy Asks The Big Questions


Guest blogger, Mildred, tells us about Fairy, star of Fairy Magic, and shares her experiences on life with a ‘Lethal White’ guinea pig. Fairy: Welcome to ‘Fairy Asks The Big Questions’ and an extra big, piggy-type welcome to my Mummy who has kindly agreed to be interviewed today. Mummy, your life changed on June 11th […]

Discovering Adoption

Christmas Pigs

I had guinea pigs when I was a child. I always loved how vocal and cute guinea pigs are. I bought my first pair as an adult from some large pet store chain. There was a pen filled with dozens of guinea pigs and I decided to take two home with me.  Pandora and Abercrombie turned […]


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