Things to Consider When Adopting an Older Guinea Pig

Alfredo guinea pig

Of the many considerations that go into choosing the right pet for a family, life span is certainly right near the top of the list. And, while guinea pigs have many wonderful qualities that make them a great choice for a family pet, their average 5-7 year life span gives some people reason to pause. […]

Guinea Pig Relationship Ups and Downs

New guinea pig owners are often nervous about what constitutes normal guinea pig behavior between members of their herd. They often separate their guinea pigs for fear that they’re fighting when the pigs were just trying to establish boundaries and pecking order. They also worry that pigs that don’t cuddle together all the time don’t really like […]

A Thank You to Fosters Everywhere

guinea pig foster home

The day starts out like any other weekday for Joann, one of the fosters for Cavy Haven. She sits down with her cup of coffee to check her email before she has to get her kids ready for school. That’s when she realizes this is not going to be a typical day as she opens […]

Why We Do Not Support Breeding Guinea Pigs/Cavies


In honor of Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month in March, we here at the Cali Cavy Collective want to explain why we advocate against breeding guinea pigs and instead support rescue organizations and adoption. There are already many homeless guinea pigs in shelters everywhere whom are put to sleep if they are not adopted within a predetermined number […]

Are Guinea Pigs Good Starter Pets?

Guinea Pig Toy

With Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month quickly approaching, we will be brainstorming ways to help cavies in shelters and rescues across the country. For years, guinea pigs have been considered “starter pets” and this is often the direction a conversation drifts when discussing what to do for all those homeless cavies. But is a child’s […]

A Perspective On Guinea Pigs from a Passerby

kissing pigs

When my husband and I visited a shelter in Ohio to adopt our dog this past November, we noticed two Guinea pigs in a cage that faced dozens of cats in the same type of housing. Their cage was placed on a table as if they’d just arrived and staff hadn’t had time to find […]

Where Children and Guinea Pigs Meet

pignic photo

As I go back through old photos and fill out my Facebook Timeline, I’m reminded of the pets I’ve loved through my life. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish… some had a fleeting moment but they’ll be in my heart forever. I had a pet loving family and they were all very supportive of […]

Your Guinea Pigs’ Fate When You Lie To A Shelter

fingers crossed

In my experience with shelters, people often put about as much time into thinking of what to say to the shelter as they did when acquiring the pet in the first place. Sometimes it’s not much thought at all. Some tell the truth and some lie and some do whatever they can to make a […]

Protect Yourself Against Guinea Pig Rescue Scams

Free to a Good Home

It’s a good time to be a guinea pig. Household pets are widely considered members of the family. American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Inc. (APPMA) estimate that there are 3.3 million guinea pigs in American homes and The Pet Food Manufacturers Association estimated there to be about 1 million guinea pigs kept as pets in […]

Guinea Pigs Are Cheap… NOT!

Piig Money 2

Monthly Guinea Pig Cost Many people seem to think that guinea pigs are a low cost pet. This can’t be any farther from the truth. In one month I go through a good amount of money taking care of my six guinea pigs. This does not include any of my other pets. Some of the […]


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