Oxbow Rescue Grants

papua piig oxbow timoth hay

Author John Miller Throughout the remainder of August, we will be witnessing an influx of manila envelopes in our mailroom.  The reason is that the end of August marks the deadline for applications for our annual Rescue Grant program.  Since establis…

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Raise Funds for Arizona’s Piggie Poo Rescue at Bowl-A-Rama

bowl-a-rama piggie poo rescue t-shirt

Volunteers at Arizona’s Piggie Poo Rescue are participating in a Bowl-A-Rama event next Saturday to raise funds for the guinea pig rescue and bring awareness to cavy welfare. Piggie Poo volunteer, Wendy Anderton, tells Guinea Pig Today, “We are dressing up with our new t-shirt design featuring “Charlie”, a rendering of a drawing done by […]

Guinea Pig Adopters/Fosters Needed at MSPCA at Nevins Farm, Boston Area

Mr.Barky and Patches from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm

Note from the Editor: This time of year has guinea pig rescues and shelters across the country overflowing with guinea pigs looking for new homes so please, if you don’t live in the Boston area, check your local shelter or rescue and give a guinea pig pair a loving home or volunteer for fostering to […]

Shelter Workers Appeal for Help with Large Intake of Guinea Pigs

The Edmonton Humane Society of Alberta, Canada now has forty five guinea pigs on their hands and are looking for potential adopters and foster care volunteers. Their Facebook page explains, “One owner surrendering almost 30 guinea pigs to the Edmonton Humane Society on one day has put a strain on caring for small animals at […]

PETCO Store Reverses Policy on Selling Animals After Flooding

peruvian guinea pig being held

The PETCO store in Johnson City, New York, that experienced flooding from Tropical Storm Lee in September 2011 reopened its doors on Monday, April 16 with a new policy in place. While there were no human casualties, nearly one hundred guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and reptiles died in the store when the decision was made […]

Does the Word “Rescue” Give Shelters a Bad Name?

The Humane Society's Animal Care Expo 2012

In the ongoing struggle to place unwanted guinea pigs into loving, new homes, those of us who work in rescues and shelters might feel we have a common goal, but the terminology we use every day may be working against that united front. Guinea pig lifestyle and care might be a unique situation that brings […]

Orange County Cavy Haven’s Adopted Guinea Pig Photo Contest

guinea pig with camera

Those of us who work in rescue are very familiar with the question, “There are guinea pig rescues?” This was the inspiration for our latest Orange County Cavy Haven campaign to highlight rescue and adoption. We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with social media to promote rescue and adoption so it only made sense […]

Small Pets Rescued by RSPCA and Firefighters

The RSPCA and firefighters saved scores of pets including chickens, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs when an inferno ravaged Booths Garden and Pet Centre in Oldham, Lancashire. Oldham RSPCA branch manager Mandy Tierney helped in the rescue of around 160 animals after being alerted by text message. “When we got there it was established the […]

Oxbow’s Rescue Grant Program

pile of money

Author John Miller The end of the calendar year marks a special occasion for all of us at Oxbow.  Each December, we have the honor of announcing the year’s rescue grant recipients.  For the past ten years, the Oxbow Rescue Grant Program has been aw…

Jack, the Guinea Pig, Still Waiting For His Forever Home

sad Jack

December is a special time for so many around the world. A time for festivities, travel, and to be with family. It was also a time when the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue in Southport, Queensland was celebrating their sixth anniversary after opening their doors in December of 2005. Since then, they have been rescuing, […]


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