CraigsList “Free to Good Home” Target Practice Warning

craigslist warning target practice "free to a good home"

Have you seen this notice circulating Facebook or other social media websites? At first glance it seems official and certainly horrifying. Pets being picked up as “free to a good home” and then used as target practice? Say it ain’t so! While this world is big enough for all types and anything we can imagine, […]

Recently Launched Pets Add Life Video Becomes Instant Online Hit

First of five new ‘talking animals’ videos promoting multiple pet ownership reaches more than 200,000 views in first week. Greenwich, CT – Pets Add Life (PAL) is thrilled to share its viral video, ‘Pet Interviews: Guinea Pig.’ The video has reached thousands of views since its debut in May and is the first in a […]

Taking Great Photos of Your Guinea Pig – Tips From A Professional Photographer

guinea pig closeup

Guinea pigs make great models for photography. When they are startled or faced with a new situation, they tend to stay completely still until they are satisfied there is no danger. This gives you a chance to grab a lot of snapshots if you can be quick. You can even pose them with props (sometimes). […]

Beginner’s Care Instructions on Canadian Cavy Website

Canadian Cavy

Guinea pig care is the number one thing new guinea pig owners don’t know. In many parts of the world people have compiled tons of information on how to properly, and some not so properly, take care of guinea pigs. Early 2008 I was one of those new owners, missed informed and under educated in […]

Saintfactory’s Guinea Pig YouTube Hits Inspired by School Children

“I think Jesus would agree with me that guinea gigs and LEGOs are awesome,” says Fr. Andrew Trapp of St. Michael’s Catholic Church located in South Carolina. The Diocese of Charleston Priest is the creator of “To the Guineamobile!” and “To the Guineacycle!,” the popular YouTube videos published under the name saintfactory. Together they have […]

The Pitfalls of Giving Guinea Pig Advice on Facebook

Celyn and Gethin

A friend of mine expressed concern over a post that popped up in his Facebook feed. It was a comment I had made that contained the word genitalia. He worried that the post could leave a bad impression on any potential employer that was researching me on Facebook. My comment wasn’t anything rude or pornographic. However, my comment and […]

Ganz’s Webkinz Announce Lilac Guinea Pig

lilac guinea pig

Ganzworld’s official Webkinz Newz (WKN) has revealed a sneak peek of the new toys arriving in May 2012. Among them is a much anticipated Lilac Guinea Pig. The Webkinz are plush toys sold in connection with an interactive virtual-reality internet site. Children are to encouraged to join the Webkinz community online with a secret code […]

Device Offers Social Media Opportunities for Guinea Pigs

piggy viewer

Imagine having access to your guinea pigs at home from the convenience of your movile device or work computer. That’s exactly what PetChatz, a new product from Anser Innovation from Minneapolis aims to do. Whether you wonder what your cavies are doing during the day or simply just miss them, the PetChatz device is a […]

iPhone’s Siri Doesn’t Know Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig iPhone

As a cavy enthusiast, I was excited to get my new iPhone 4S. Included in this phone is the much talked about Siri, advertised as the “intelligent assistant that’s there to help. Just ask.” Siri understands what you say and answers questions like “What is today’s weather” and responds to commands like, “Call my husband” […]

Creating a Web Site for your Rescue: Part IV

database guinea pig

Part 4 : Listing your Pets / Database Integration Previously, we discussed how to get organized, getting your site launched, and adding social media content to your rescue website. There are several things to consider if you would like to add the animals available for adoption. For information on databases and programming, we look to […]


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