Dr. Karen Rosenthal wins 2012 Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award

Oxbow Award

Author John Miller

I’m happy to report that the Oxbow team returned safe and sound following last week’s AEMV/AAZV/ARAV veterinary conference in Oakland, California.  I enjoy every industry event I attend – from pet shows, to retailer shows, …

The Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award

Oxbow Award

Author John Miller
In a couple of short weeks, I and members of the Oxbow team will be heading to Oakland, California for the annual AEMV/AAZV/ARAV Conference – an annual event which brings together some of the world’s foremost veterinary experts …

Tips for Responsible Use and Disposal of Pet Medications

papua eating grass

The same products that save lives can be harmful if used the wrong way or disposed of incorrectly. Expired and mixed medications end up in the environment where it can cause serious damage. As an animal lover, there are steps you can take to address proper use and disposal of medical products to make the […]

PetSmart Guinea Pig Carries Ringworm to Family


The Gross family of Kitchener, Ontario, were so excited to bring home their new pet guinea pig in mid-October. Molly, the name given to their new pet, was rarely out of the hands of their three children Matthew, 8, Jonathan, 5, and Caitlyn, 2. The next day, Leann Gross, noticed a patch of missing hair […]

X-rays of a healthy guinea pig


BelkaSometimes, extra diagnostic tests are necessary to rule out potential factors that may be ailing your guinea pig. X-rays are commonly used when the cause of your cavy’s discomfort is not obviously apparent or easily spotted. A set of x-rays c…

One special Vet Tech


October 9-15 is National Veterinary Technician Week according to the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. It is a week set aside to recognize the contributions made by vet techs as well as veterinarians, assistants and practice managers. It also provides the public with a chance to learn what vet techs do on a […]



A recent enquiry has led me to seek further information on a prescription only product called ROWATINEX. The product has been recommended by sources to dissolve bladderstones and thus the guinea pig will not need an op!!!!! This is not an option! Bladd…

Struggling With Vet Bills?

piig money

Even before the economy took a nose dive in 2008, our rescue was getting requests for help from guinea pig owners blindsided by vet bills for illnesses and unplanned surgeries. Our friends in other rescues for dogs, cats, birds, bunnies,…


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