The Importance of Preventative Health Care for Exotic Pets

Although most exotic pets do not need annual vaccinations, it is still very important to have them examined regularly by an experienced exotic veterinarian. Yearly preventative health exams provide your doctor an opportunity to evaluate weight, diet, teeth, and grooming needs. It is also a good idea to establish a relationship with an exotics veterinarian […]

Tips for Your Male Guinea Pig’s Routine Boar Cleanings

Hobbes, guinea pig boar cleaning

I adopted my first pair of boars, Ethan and Hobbes, from OC Cavy Haven several years ago. It’s fair to say that I love boars and I’m often surprised by the fact that people tend to want to adopt sows. We tend to keep boars in the rescue a lot longer than sows and, while […]

Storm Season Safety Tips for Guinea Pigs

Storm clouds over the Washington DC area

Last week we had Tornado Warnings in the area and it left me wondering what I should do about my guinea pigs to prepare for the worst. Many of us have heard the story of Weaver family and the tornado that devastated Alabama in April of 2011. Unfortunately they lost many small animals in that […]

Keep Guinea Pigs Cool and Comfortable in the Summer Heat

Malcolm on a chilled plate

With summer approaching and the weather turning warmer, it’s time to think about keeping the piggies cool. Guinea pigs have a much higher normal body temperature than humans (right about 101°) and so, what to us might be a bearable temperature can be fatal to our pigs. Their environment should be kept at between 65° […]

Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne, PA Offers Tips on Caring for Exotic Pets

Leonard Donato with bunny rabbit

Radnor Veterinary Hospital is educating pet owners by providing tips and information as it relates to caring for exotic pets such as birds, reptiles and pocket pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Veterinary clinics treating dogs and cats seem to dot the U.S. landscape; however, not every vet clinic has the expertise and experience to […]

What to Consider When Making the Decision to Neuter Your Guinea Pigs

Wash and Carter, guinea pig male pair

“Should I neuter my guinea pig?” This is a question that many new guinea pig owners ask. They may have a lonely male guinea pig, or two adolescent boars that are not getting along. Or, they may have found themselves with a male and a female, usually due to miss-sexing at the pet store. Often, […]

Guinea Pig Weight Charts

guinea pig weight gain record chart

Routinely weighing your guinea pig is a recommended part of guinea pig care. Since sudden weight loss and a decreased appetite are among the first noticeable symptoms of illness, regular weighing is good practice. Kitchen scales are the perfect size fo…

Nevermore: The Dangers Awaiting Guinea Pigs Outside

papua pond

I knew the warning well because I often spoke it to others. Do not leave your guinea pigs unattended when outside of their usual habitat. However, it was bound to happen. I was usually good about following my own advice but I was about to let that one slack and learn a hard lesson. Part […]

Guinea Pig Chew Toys, No Substitute for Grass Hay

papua in the hay

A guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously and it’s important that your pet’s teeth be ground naturally during the course of their lifetime. What is the best way to promote good dental health? It might be surprising to discover chew toys or chew treats are not the best way to maintain the proper grinding your pet […]

Dealing with Calcium Issues in Guinea Pigs

twin rex

As many among us, I have had calcium issues in piggies and it was a long sad road till we discovered what to do about it. I will tell you the story and the resulting solution, which can help many more pigs with similar problems. One of my piggies died because her heart was getting […]


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