You Can’t Leave Anything in Your Will to Your Guinea Pig

Mr Nibbles

Animals give unconditional love and for some people, this is stronger than any bond they share with human companions in their lives. That’s why it’s becoming more popular to leave all worldly possessions to family pets. What happens in cases where a will clearly states that Mr. Flufferkins inherits all the wealth? The answer may […]

Senseless Act of Cruelty Towards Guinea Pigs at Australian Zoo

guinea pig enclosure and castle

A community in New South Wales, Australia is shocked and disgusted by a senseless act of cruelty towards guinea pigs stolen from the local zoo by a group of reckless youths. Nine of the ten cavies remain missing and one is recovering from injuries after being kicked from a moving vehicle. Local police say four […]

Pet Store Banned from Sale of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

guinea pig and rabbit hutch

A pet store in east Hull, UK, has been banned from the sales of rabbits and guinea pigs after RSPCA investigators found the shop was not providing basic care for their animals. Investigators were following a tip from a concerned shopper in R and A Pets and Garden Centre on Holderness Road during April of […]

Student Sues University to Keep Guinea Pig for Emotional Support

Kendra Velzen's Blanca

A Grand Valley State University student is filing a lawsuit against her school claiming they violated federal housing policy by not letting her keep guinea pig, Blanca, in campus housing. 28 year old Kendra Velzen, suffers from bouts of severe depression and a heart condition but found “emotional support” in her pet guinea pig. The […]

Michigan Rescue in Trouble as Accusations Fly and Controversy Stirs

Critter Cafe

In Fruitport Township, Michigan, there’s a rescue responsible for saving over a thousand lives called the Critter Café. Christine Bishop is the founder and has rescued guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, cats, birds and other animals during the five years her 501(c)(3) organization has been in existence. Recently, she has come under fire from the very […]

Shelter Guinea Pigs Face Immediate Death

Guinea pigs already face cruelty, ignorance, and carelessness but now they are challenged with increases euthanasia if a California budget is passed. The budget proposal from California Governor Jerry Brown will save $23 million by ending reimbursements currently in place to keep homeless pets alive longer in animal shelters. This has pet lovers fighting the […]

Young Girl Shapes New Laws That Limit Guinea Pigs in Australia


Australia’s cavy lovers living in the area of Victoria, Australia, were in a pinch by Yarra Ranges Council. The council proposed a 77 page written document outlining new local laws. The proposal made locals upset because they felt many of the new laws limited their passions and hobbies. Under the new laws a person is […]

Putting A Price on The Love of Your Pet

greeting card

We love our pets dearly and invest countless hours forming an emotional bond as worthwhile as any other relationship. Can any monetary value replace the pain of losing a beloved pet? An interesting battle over the true value of a pet has been causing a stir in Texas and you might be surprised which side […]

Rent-A-Cavy Wins in Switzerland


As we get older, it’s more and more difficult to find friends. Apparently guinea pigs have the same problem. In Hadlikon, Switzerland, 30 kilometers from Zürich, Priska Küng operates a matchmaking service for the lonely pets. Guinea pigs are social animals that live in groups and Swiss law prohibits owners from keeping only one. So […]


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