What Guinea Pig Moms Want for Mother’s Day

guinea pig mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the guinea pig Moms out there! If you know a guinea pig Mom, treat her right on her special day with one or more of these guinea pig themed suggestions. Both Mom and the guinea pigs can benefit. Enjoy! Someone to Clean the Guinea Pig Cage And by clean the […]

Daphne and Sienna, Therapy Guinea Pigs Supporting Hospice

The herd of female guinea pigs belonging to the Maggard family

Erin Maggard and her guinea pigs, Daphne and Sienna, have a very important job in Central Wyoming. Erin’s cavies are the only therapy animals other than dogs that work at this Hospice center as part of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.   While the guinea pigs were registered as therapy pets in January, Erin […]

Revy Meets Abby-Roo: A Guinea Pig Socialization Story

guinea pig socialization, introductions

When we adopted Revy we had plans to socialize her with our other guinea pigs. None of our other cavies had started out living together either and getting them used to each other had been an admittedly difficult process. Peaches hated Truffle, Truffle …

World’s Smallest Dog is the Size of a Guinea Pig

World's Smallest Dog

At just four inches tall (10 cm) and weighing 1.5 pounds (675 g), Boo Boo, a longhaired Chihuahua from Raceland, Kentucky has the title of World’s Smallest Living Dog in height. That makes this tiny pooch about the size of a guinea pig! Boo Boo has always been quite small. She was a third of […]

Raeside’s “Rainbow Bridge” Gives Hope for a Hereafter

Rainbow Bridge Book

One of the best political cartoonists in Canada, Adrian Raeside, has entertained millions with his daily comic strip, The Other Coast. Two new Raeside books hit the bookstores on the same day in mid-April and one of them took on the more serious subject of the death of a pet. “The Rainbow Bridge – A […]

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday: So much life in such a little body

Abigail and Ruby

Someone very dear to me passed away on Saturday night, and I am completely bereft. She embodied so many of the qualities I admire in a friend. She listened twice as much as she spoke, she was so humble despite her obvious specialness, and she was never the source of conflict. She was a quiet […]

Keeping Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Together

bunny and guinea pig

Being as guinea pigs are herd animals it’s always preferable not to keep them on their own. In fact, in certain countries of the world it’s actually illegal to keep a guinea pig on its own. However, the common practice of keeping a rabbit and a guinea pig together for company is not ideal – […]

New Guinea Pig in Guinness World Records

Truffles Long Jump

In Scotland, there’s a world champion and he’s much smaller than you might expect. Truffles the guinea pig, a boar owned by thirteen year old Chloe Macari, broke previous records with a 30cm (12in) leap and landing himself in the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Longest Jump by a Guinea Pig.” Previous long jump […]

Calculate Your Guinea Pig’s Age in Human Years

guinea pig and new kicks

You might think calculating your guinea pig’s age in human years is as easy as multiplying your pet’s age by 10 but that doesn’t work out as one would expect. For example, how many toddlers do you know are capable of reproducing? How many pregnant senior citizens do you know? Figuring out a guinea pig’s […]

Unique Burial Urns Give Pet Owners Comfort and Flexibility

The passing of a beloved pet can be a difficult time and, as many of you with guinea pigs know, sometime that can come unexpectedly leaving us unprepared for the loss. Growing up, my family had a modest pet cemetery in our backyard but my parents stayed in the same home and are still there […]


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