Vitakraft Sunseed Goes Green with New Eco-Bedding for Small Animals

Vitakraft Bedding

Bedding is made of 100 percent recycled paper for pet rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets and chinchillas BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Holly Hoffman, Director of Marketing for Vitakraft Sunseed is pleased to introduce the new ECO-Bedding for small animals. The clean, absorbent and dust-free bedding is made of 100 percent recycled double-layer paper and […]

Cage Tips for Preventing Fleece Bedding Burrowing

PVC pipe frame for fleece

Fleece is a great bedding choice for guinea pigs, although it can have its difficulties. Many guinea pigs enjoy their fleece bedding and some of them love it best from underneath: they burrow under the fleece. This can be messy. They’ll eat the newspaper or chew on whatever you have under the fleece to absorb the urine. Or worse, […]

New Leadership, Investment, Products and Alliances Pave the way for Success at Absorption Corp

CareFRESH Habitat Products

Ferndale, Washington– Absorption Corp announces a series of investments in business development, sales & marketing and strategic alliances focused on structuring the company for growth in bedding, litter, enrichment and food. Throughout 2011 and into 2012 the company invested in virtually all aspects of its businesses; some notable changes include: • CEO, COO, CDO and […]

Why is Toxic Cedar and Pine Bedding Still Sold for Small Pets?

1979 piggy

While on the way to Pet Expo, I shared an elevator with a hotel employee who happened to glance in my carrier and catch sight of my guinea pig. “Those were my favorite pets as a child. I had one that lived 9 years! I bet you love the smell of those cedar chips, don’t […]

Fleece’s Dirty Little Secret

Fleece Reality

Traditionally wood shavings or a paper-based product, like Carefresh, have been used as guinea pig bedding. Fleece, however, seems to be gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Fleece can be healthier for humans than traditional bedding because it cuts down on allergens, and is likewise good for the pigs. It’s good for the environment […]

Litter Training Guinea Pigs: Is It Possible?

pet bedding

When new pet owners bring their furry little bundles of joy home, it doesn’t take them long to realize how much poop piggies can produce. This often leaves them asking the question: Can I litter train my guinea pigs? The answer quite simply is yes, but only to a certain extent. If you want your […]

Hay Solutions: On the cage floor

Hay is an essential staple of every guinea pig’s diet, and should be available for your piggy to munch on freely at all times. One of the things an owner has to decide is how to give hay to their guinea pig. Whee here at the Cali Cavy Collective have e…


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