California’s Giant Guinea Pigs and the Cuys Criollos Mejorados

Titan, the second largest Cuy discovered in California

In 2010, small animal rescues in Southern California began receiving phone calls from animal shelters reporting extra large, “wild” guinea pigs. Many of the shelters did not normally contact rescues; yet the guinea pigs were so difficult to handle that shelters deemed them unadoptable. Rescues were puzzled at first, until a San Diego veterinarian posted […]

Who Wins the Title of Best Biter: Guinea pigs, Rats, or Squirrels?

Who is the best biter in the rodent world? At the University of Liverpool, that’s exactly what Biologists wanted to know. To learn more about specific mechanism in different rodents’ chewing styles, the team from the Department of Musculo-skeletal Biology made a computer model of the anatomical features in rats, squirrels, and guinea pigs. The […]

Ricky Gervais launches global campaign to end cosmetic tests on animals

Ricky Gervais

Cruelty Free International, a new global non-profit organization spells out vision to end product testing on animals worldwide Ricky Gervais, Ambassador for Cruelty Free International, states: “I am delighted to support the launch of Cruelty Free International, the exciting global campaign to end the use of animals in product testing. Animal testing for cosmetics is […]

A Brain Forever Changed

guinea pig brain

Once you invite piggies into your home, you won’t ever be the same again, especially your brain. I would like to invite scientific researchers to investigate the impact of close proximity of guinea pigs to the brain cell structure and brain chemistry. Hereby enjoy my pseudo-scientific approach to the matter, as I’m only a reporter, […]

Guinea Pigs Shouldn’t Be Used As “Guinea Pigs” in Science

Abigail and Ruby

Every time I visit with my guinea pigs (Abigail, Eleanor, Ruby and Penny), or see one of them ‘popcorn’, I’m sadly reminded that most guinea pigs don’t live like this. In many parts of South America they are used for food and/or ritualistic sacrifice, and even if they’re ‘lucky’ enough to be kept in other […]

In Search of the Natural Guinea Pig Sleep Cycle


Crepuscular, Diurnal, and Nocturnal. You might have heard one of these scientific words for the first time in relationship to your pet and their sleep schedule. There is some debate among them when it comes to guinea pigs but first lets find out what they really mean. Crepuscular, diurnal, and nocturnal are all used to […]

Searching for Products Free From Guinea Pig Testing

Guinea Pig Vet

How do cavy lovers go about finding products that are free from animal testing? Animal welfare advocates have been campaigning for years to put an end to testing personal products on small animals such as rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs. Opponents claimed testing on animals had no direct value for medical science for humans […]

Archaeologists find new evidence of animals being introduced to prehistoric Caribbean


An archaeological research team from North Carolina State University, the University of Washington and University of Florida has found one of the most diverse collections of prehistoric non-native animal remains in the Caribbean, on the tiny island of Carriacou. The find contributes to our understanding of culture in the region before the arrival of Columbus, […]

A Guinea Pig’s Sense of Time

reading a book

If your guinea pigs are on an eating schedule, you might notice that an hour before mealtime they make their way to the bowl and wait for snacks to appear. Many of us animal lovers will consider this a nod to their level of intelligence and reward them with snacks a bit earlier than usual. […]

Pooping Power

The villagers of Pachacamac, outside Lima Peru, have been tapping into an amazing source of renewable energy to power their town. You may be surprised to find it’s the droppings from nearly a thousand resident guinea pigs. They’re not pets. They’re a creative power source developed by a team of scientists. For this less developed […]


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