Guinea Pig Today Writer’s Challenge

We’re always interested in new guinea pig related articles covering a range of topics of interest to the guinea pig community. If you’re interested in writing for us but feeling a bit of writer’s block at the moment, here’s a few stories that we’re looking to report. Pick one and submit your story. You might end up featured on Guinea Pig Today!

Do you know someone who might have the answers we’re looking for? Pass the link along or interview them yourself and be a Guinea Pig Today reporter.

Don’t feel limited to what is listed below. These are suggestions to get you started. Once those creative juices are flowing, write what you like and submit your article to the link below.
Writer's Challenge
Have you given up smoking for your guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are prone to respiratory illness so keeping the air clean around their cage is often a challenge. Some have chosen to give up smoking for their own benefit and the benefit of their guinea pigs. Inspire others with your story of how you quit the habit. For some, it’s the biggest challenge of their life. Successes and failures can help others in your situation. Be an inspiration and let others know what worked for you and what rewards there were on the other side.

Are you an educator with guinea pigs as part of your class?
Guinea pig rescues will often turn away adoptions for an educational environment because it so often fails. This topic can be found debated on forums all over the internet. If you feel you’re one of the success stories, we’d love to hear how you’ve overcome the challenges of daily handling, holiday feedings, exercise and healthcare. How do you feel about the stigma that guinea pigs should not be in classrooms and what are you doing to promote positive change? Share your secrets and improve the lives of guinea pigs currently living in educational environments.

Are you a vet or vet tech that can give us some tips?
We’re looking for some special exotic vets or vet techs that can give us some general tips to get the most out of our vet visit. What are some ways that guinea pig owners can be better prepared for their veterinarian visits? Why does it take so long in the waiting room and what are some ways I can help things run smoothly? What are some preventative care services that I should be taking advantage of? Here’s every vet’s chance to tell those pet parents what you always wanted them to know.

Are you a pet store owner that sells guinea pig supplies?
Many common commercially made guinea pig products no longer fit the needs of the average cavy owner. What can consumers do to generate positive change in the products your store stocks on it’s shelves? What’s it like competing with the big box stores? What do you wish your customers knew about your perspective? Share your perspective and be heard by our readers.

The ongoing guinea pig “Mythbusters” challenge!
We’ve all debated information related to many guinea pig products. This is your chance to put those products to the test and put the debates to rest. How fast do plastic pigloo’s heating up in the sun? Do organic foods spoil faster than non-organic? Do paper beddings absorb more than other types? Pick a topic and report the facts. It’s important to submit as much information as possible with these articles so don’t forget photos or spreadsheets. DO NOT PUT YOUR GUINEA PIG AT RISK!

If you have a great idea for an article about guinea pigs, please let us know. Guinea Pig Today is a network of guinea pig lovers and we’re always looking for the next great story. View our submissions page for more information on how to submit your idea.


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