Guinea Pig Today is a network of guinea pig lovers and we’re always looking for the next great story. Guest bloggers write articles, take photos, and make videos for our site and it’s part of what makes Guinea Pig Today contain some of the best guinea pig content the internet has to offer.

This is an open invitation to guest blog with us! If you have a rescue tale, want to share your new idea, or think you have the best photos around, please get in touch with us. We can’t guarantee that your submission will appear on our site but we do view each and every submission. We only accept articles written by humans (sorry pets) so please write clearly and be sure to spell check.

You don’t have to be a guinea pig health or care guru to write for Guinea Pig Today. You can review a movie with guinea pigs, tell guinea pig fans how to start a Facebook page, or teach cavy owners how to take great photos of their pets. If you already have a blog about guinea pigs, this is a great opportunity to write an article sharing your blog with the world and include links to fun features on your site. Promoting your site on other blogs helps boost your rankings in search engines. We also love personal stories. Tell us about your guinea pig’s first trip to the park, your special adoption tale, or what happened when your pig met their first friend. Be creative!

Where can I submit notes and comments about what I’ve written?
Feel free to make any comments inside your article. We review the articles and can make changes before they go public. Just be sure that comments are *clearly* marked as comments so we know to delete them and don’t think they are part of the story. We’ll be in touch if we need anything.

How do I send photos, videos, or files associated with my article?
Our article submission software sometimes drops attachments. To avoid this issue, upload photos, videos, pdfs or other files to a location on the web (like Flickr, YouTube, etc.) and add the link as a comment in your article. If you need assistance with your file, please send us a question using the Feedback tab (on the left).

My article was approved but hasn’t appeared on the site?
News associated with guinea pigs is usually few and far between so we like to keep our viewers entertained by working ahead and releasing our stories a few at a time. If your story has been approved and hasn’t appeared on the site, it’s waiting in line in the queue.

Why isn’t there a photo associated with my author’s bio or comments?
We use Gravatar to manage our author’s bios. If you have submitted an article, create an account on Gravatar using the same email address and the photo you choose will automatically appear on Guinea Pig Today. Inappropriate images may have their entire article removed without warning.

Why are some of my articles not appearing on my author’s bio page?
If you submitted articles under different HeyPublisher accounts, our software will see them as different accounts and they will not appear on a single profile. Each author’s bio page also has a limit of ten articles. If you want a topic to appear on your bio again, try submitting another article with a new angle.

Submit your article using the form below. Thank you. Happy writing!


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