What the Proper Cage Size for Guinea Pigs?

Properly sized Guinea Pig cage with loft

One of the questions we get asked most at Cavy Haven is, “What the proper cage size is for guinea pigs?” Many people are only aware of the habitats they have seen in pet stores and so part of our application process includes education on cages. We have found that people are very open to […]

Pigsitters and Traveling

Questions about traveling with guinea pigs is a fairly common topic, especially in the summer. I have taken my guinea pigs with me for trips to the Cape, which is about a two hour drive. I stayed at a cottage where guinea pigs were welcome.  Over the years, however, I have realized that I enjoyed having them […]

Guinea Pig Cage Tips and Techniques to Prevent Chewing

fabric edge with report spine

Over the years, I’ve had a number of pigs that have taken the occasional taste-test of coroplast. The old cage had plenty of small chew marks here and there. I suspect there is something about the texture of coroplast that numerous guinea pigs find irresistible. It’s also fairly easy to chew through (unlike metal bars or wooden houses), […]

Wild West themed wooden guinea pig houses and beach retreat

wild west theme guinea pig houses

Remember the wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon in our earlier posts? We just found out that they are adding a new Wild West themed collection of cavy hideaways and wanted to share their pictures here. If westerns don't suit your taste, they al…

Wooden "Storybook" guinea pig house

"Where is my daily delivery of lettuce?" -PeachesWhee piggies love this charming cavy sized wood cottage made by OC Cavy Haven. It is called the "Storybook House", which is the perfect name for it as it really does look like somethi…

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

"Umm, is something missing here?"Whee guinea pigs have been thoroughly enjoying our new toys from OC Cavy Haven. First up is this sturdy wooden wagon made for holding hay.Read more »

Upgrading to An Adult Size Guinea Pig Cage, Built For Two

the ultimate guinea pig cage

Guinea pigs in pet stores are young and half the size of a full grown adult. As such, commercially sold guinea pig cages are labelled as “Starter Kits” or “First Homes.” However, those same pet stores that sell young guinea pigs do not sell cage upgrades for adults. This is a big problem in guinea […]

Custom built wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon

Whee piggies were thrilled when presented with these custom built wooden guinea pig houses our humans bought from our favorite rescue, Orange County Cavy Haven! Fleece cozies and hideaways are ideal for staying snug in chilly weather, but these wooden…

Cleaning Your Guinea Pig’s Fleece Bedding

Fleece Brushes

Using fleece as guinea pig bedding, in theory, is dead simple:  you buy a few yards of fleece, put it in the cage for several days, take it out, wash it, and put it in again. It’s wonderfully economic, it’s not dusty nor will it get tracked around the house like shavings or Carefresh. There is a […]

A History of Guinea Pig Cages: A Learning Curve

New Cage Pigs

Like many misinformed guinea pig owners, I let my first pair of guinea pigs live in an aquarium. I was told that drafts were bad for guinea pigs and the aquarium kept them from getting a chill. It was tiny and I had to clean it often. What a cramped, boring life for those pigs! Years […]


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